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Date: October 2, 2022

15 thoughts on “SIENNA live webcams for YOU!

  1. This is not necessarily the case. It could have easily just have been knowing they were going to have a baby she wanted to come clean and start being 100% honest for the sake of the relationship.

  2. Thank you so much, especially the point about not expecting instant results. I know he appreciates everything I do, I just get worried as he’s been there for me amazingly during a lot of hard times and I worry I’m not doing enough in return so it might be more of a personal insecurity rather him not feeling supported. Love the idea of comfort food! He avoids eating when he’s like this but I think having it there even if he doesn’t eat it now will still mean a lot

  3. “Stop telling me he's a serial killer or a rapist” men don't handcuff you and leave you fucking screaming because they're a GOOD person. Deranged thinking. Seek help

  4. If you are comfortable with it, then tell her no and why. If she doesn't agree, close the relationship till you agree on something. Also, what about you? Is the relationship open for you as well?

  5. Sounds like your husband has a gf and you need to stop letting your child disappear into the city with this man. If he tries to kidnap her how are you going to be able to help the police if you don’t even know where he lives.

  6. So when does someone tell him ? How many people should she cheat on him with who all just decide “well that's part of life” and not tell him ?

    Like I already said I dint want to tell him just to punish her. I just think that he deserves to know the truth. Why are you against that ?

  7. How can I help him stop or at least slow down since me asking him to wait no longer works?

    You need to stop nagging. When HE wants to quit he will try. He may never be successful. Nicotine addiction can be harder to kick than heroin. My husband suffered greatly and was never able to stay a non smoker.

  8. You fucked up and made a mess. Leave your ex alone and sit down and have a long hard think about yourself.

  9. INFO- wtf is wrong with him? this is very odd behavior. worst case- he's a total pos. best case- he has some type of valid reason for his executive functioning to be messed up, but it's not an inconvenience to him so he doesnt care to change

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