Date: September 24, 2022

15 thoughts on “DEBBIE CROSS

  1. Sounds like you breaking up with her was a god sent to that poor girl. I'm sure you groomed her into liking a older guy. I have no sympathy for you. I'm sure she find a great guy soon.

  2. You need to acknowledge that you can be wrong from the beginning. If someone says something you think is wrong (Y), you can respond with something like “oh that’s interesting, because I thought it was X and not Y like you said. I could be wrong though; I heard/read/learned about it from xyz. What about you?” Assume that they have as good a chance of being right as you. Approach the question like a problem to be solved TOGETHER and do not just proceed forward under the assumption that you are right. They gave you information, and you can give your information, and having both will make you much more likely to find the truth than having just one. Don’t tell them they’re wrong, tell them that you know something different.

  3. I know I was mad for her. He accuses her, during pregnancy the most vulnerable time in a woman’s life, which is utterly mostly helpless. Accusing her of infidelity, because his friends, husband cheated. At the birth of her child, virtually destroying any trust in their family life. I know she probably will want to stay and work it out with him, but there should be a cost to him and so far I’m not getting it. In fact, the majority of the cost should be with him. And she’s having to bear at all.

  4. You're absolutely right about the Jedi mind tricks. I feel like so many of the posts here are from often young women trying to figure out how to say a certain incantation, a magical spell that will somehow make him see her as a person.

  5. When someone keeps accusing you of something it's usually because they are doing it. Your boyfriend also sounds less mature than most 18 year olds. If you want this life for yourself then so be it because clearly you're accepting of it. If you want to be happy and live YOUR life then dump him and let him try and control someone else. Men like him usually don't change and the best thing for them is to get repeatedly dumped for their shitty behavior in hopes that they realize it's THEM that is the problem and do some self reflecting. That won't happen if you keep staying with him and letting him stop you from being happy.

  6. I think a compromise needs to be made here. Understandably, you don’t want to spend everything on just one day, but also understandably, she is most likely thinking she’ll only be doing this one time in her whole life, and she wants it’s perfect (perfect in her mind anyway). So there needs to be a middle ground. If she wants the $5000 dress vs the $500 one, then the cost of food will have to be taken down. If she wants the supreme package for pictures and video, then the cost of the flowers will have to be lowered. These of course are just examples.

  7. In either role… 25m/18f.or 25f/18m … Or 25/f18/f… 25m/18m…

    That shit is predatory. In all cases it is someone targetting a barely adult and probably hoping they're naive AF and groomable. Any 18 year old swooning over the praise of being “really mature for their age” is just being a fucking chump.

  8. Good, I’m glad that after everything you’ve gone through, you’re finally in a good place. I really hope that i can get there soon, life is just too short, and that’s what pains me the most… I really don’t want to waste it on the wrong people anymore

  9. I’ve seen a lot of posts about disgruntled grandparents being unhappy about not being able to see their grandchildren the way they want to. Not a single one has ever sounded like the grandparent in the right. This is no different. Once again, it’s incredibly apparent why the grandparent is being boxed out, yet they’re too selfish to realize what they’re doing to ostracize their child and their spouse.

  10. I really appreciate the sternness of your comment believe it or not, I hate when people beat around the bush. I also agree with what you’ve said and think what might be best for us both is to both go through therapy, and see where life takes us. Thanks.

  11. If your names in on the lease do check in with the landlord to see if he can amend the lease. Especially since the ex is staying. You don't want to be on the hook for any damage cause by her.

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