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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Thanks for the advice! Yeah I've definitely considered this, apart from the fear of causing drama I guess I'm also not fully sure *why* he does this and feel like it'd be embarrassing if it turns out he's just bored and texting whoever seems likely to give him a response haha;;

  2. I am 30 M and I honestly feel so much more comfortable around women my age and older, especially when dating.

    I had my share of 24 year old girls and most of them are not on the same boat as me when it comes to values and views on life.

  3. It’s so wild how OP refuses to answer a simple question about whether OP cheated or not. She’s talking about how they’ll be married in the eyes of god if they divorce but god/religion doesn’t condone cheating (if she cheated)

  4. Yeah my abusive husband grew into it over 17 years but there were definite red flags along the way yet therapists were often fooled by him to be honest. In my State a quick “background check” is free you just Google CCAP and the person's info.

  5. He ended the friendship not you

    This reasoning is so dumb I’m wondering if this is a joke…that’s how ridiculous his response was

  6. Have you discussed expectations around childcare with him? Will he be getting up every other night with the child? Will you be tag teaming on parenting on the weekends? Will he cook half the meals?

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