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Date: October 1, 2022

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  1. okay but can you please tell me what to do? should i tell him i cheated? and if i do, should i explain my reasons or should i not mention any of it all, bear the guilt, suck it up and straight up break up with him?

  2. OP, I think his punishment is toxic And I am not condoning that at all.

    I have a couple of questions for you. How long have you guys been together? How has he treated you so far as his girlfriend? Did he ever call you names before?

    You mentioned that you went to the club with a few of your friends. Can you talk to all of them to get a better picture of the night? They may also have seen what Your boyfriend has seen regarding our behavior during that night.

    It is a significant blow to the relationship when your partner says that they want to make out with other guys/girls and then take their friends home with them to sleep with. I’m glad that your boyfriend thought with cool head and chose not to break up with you.

    You’ll get a lot of replies vilifying your boyfriend and he DOES deserve it due to his attitude towards your ‘punishment’, calling you names and saving your name under a derogatory term in his phone. If this is not how he usually is, then I think whatever it is that you said to him must have been jarring to him to re-evaluate the relationship.

    People calling him names (rightfully so) for how he’s treating you now are discounting your behavior while you were blacked out. You need to do some introspection and decide what you want to do regarding your drinking. The burden shouldn’t be on him to control your drinking. That may end up making him the bad person. This change towards alcohol for you needs to be enthusiastically voluntary. He’s now going to be concerned (rightfully so) about your relationship with your friends. He may wonder if the next time you guys have issues would you go and sleep with your friends Or make out with other guys.

    Please realize that relationships for the most part are voluntary. You don’t need to be in this relationship if you don’t want to and at the same time your bf may decide that he does not want to be in this relationship and may chose to leave because he does not want to have the cloud of you cheating on him hanging over his head. I think whatever you said when you were blacked out had harmed your image in his mind significantly and all that he’s doing is acting out on that.

    If you can afford it, would You please consider doing couple’s therapy to communicate better with each other? At this point, you don’t really know how hurt he feels due to what you said while you were blacked out. From his point of view, he may have done his best to be a good boyfriend to you only for you to say that you want to make out with other guys and sleep with your friends. Such words have a way to undermine any solid relationship.

  3. Maybe she was using him for a one night stand and truly doesn’t care about his “rejection” because she truly doesn’t care about him in the slightest 🤷‍♀️ op ever think about that? lol

  4. Totally agree! I feel sorry for the poor dog, but I can’t believe her partner got a companion that he didn’t bother doing proper research on! A doctor I know is in a similar situation, so she got a rescue greyhound. They are chill dogs, and will not go nuts or borderline violent from lack of stimulation. I hope HE gets the dogs proper training, or finds a breed-specific rescue that may be able to take him in and give him the care he needs. In either case, it’s definitely Half-Past-Not-Her-Call-To-Make-O’Clock.

  5. Can't blame him for watching porn, that's pretty normal. Can't blame you for feeling the way you do, lots of folk do. Guess the best thing to do is find a middle ground somehow.

  6. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    So basically, my husband of 10 years says that he hates my personality. I’m too outspoken, independent, and he feels like I don’t respect him because I ask questions or disagree with him. He said he liked that about me at first and the fact that he thought I was hot… but now he thinks my personality is too strong and he wants a woman who is soft spoken and doesn’t question him and let’s him take the lead on EVERYTHING. He told me he feels disrespected and when I told him that I don’t feel respected either (emotionally), he said that he feels like men deserve more respect than women do in a relationship/doesn’t agree with my opinion about equal respect and that he’s a man so of course he doesn’t understand my emotions and shouldn’t have to. I originally wanted to go to therapy together but now I’m like…. What’s the point if he doesn’t like ME? Also, is something wrong with me? Am I not a “good woman?” Should I change who I am?

  7. ' I know she loves me too.'

    No she absolutely does not. People who are in love don't go off and fuck other people while lying and keeping it secret.

    Grow a spine and walk away from this complete dumpster fire of a relationship.

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