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Date: September 28, 2022

7 thoughts on “ZoeWattson live webcams for YOU!

  1. Jesus Christ do not do this. She's groomed you since your were a literal child, this is why it feels so normal to you, because she's groomed you to think it is. Well we're all telling you, this is not normal! You. Were. Groomed! Please do not propose, I promise you there are plenty of other “soul mates” out there!

  2. The relationship is toast, enjoy the threesome! You can probably enjoy a FBW with her and have a ffm if you play your cards right.

  3. To me, this sounds like he wanted to try something, but knowing your feelings on the topic he either tried to lighten the conversation with a joke or acknowledge that he is aware of how you would feel about it. If so, it sounds like the intended emotion of the statement wasn't conveyed very well. If you reacted negatively to the statement, it's possible he got defensive and sulky because he wasn't trying to be mean. I obviously can't tell his motive, but this explanation seems reasonable.

    As for the stuff about ED, I think you need to relax a bit. It is definitely a serious problem to have one, but simply eating less food does not lead to EDs, especially for people who do not have a history of EDs. EDs are almost always a physical manifestation of a mental health issue. I, for one, used to be overweight due to a mix of too much food and not enough exercise. I lost my weight primarily due to changing how I eat (more reasonable serving sizes, healthier options). I increased my activity level but not more so than a walk around the neighborhood every day. I eat less now than I used to but that doesn't mean I have an ED or am at risk of developing one.

  4. Yelling should not be tolerated in a healthy relationship. Step away, cool off, come back and communicate like adults.

  5. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    We’ve been dating for about a year now, and this problem has been a recurring issue.

    90% of the time, he’s really sweet, understanding, and genuinely listens to my concerns. He also acknowledges what he did as bad, and he doesn’t want to do them again. But I think he has anger issues.

    10% of the time, he yells at me, tells me to shut the fuck up, calls me names (idiot, bitch, cunt), and threatens to break up with me.

    He always feels sorry for being me to me afterwards and says he doesn’t want to be mean to me. But that sometimes he’s just tired or hangry.

    Why I’m writing this is because of what happened just now.

    He accidentally broke a wine glass and just tossed it into the garbage. I told him he can’t just throw glass in the trash like that because it’ll puncture the trash bag. He called me stupid and dumb and said that garbage bags are meant to withstand broken glass.

    I told him that they’re not- it’s glass. He yelled at me to shut the fuck up and continued putting dishes away. I told him it’s not safe. He grabs the trash bag and said, “look- it’s fine, you idiot. For all your smart brain is worth, you sure are fucking stupid.” He shakes the bag in my face and the glass rips and pokes out. At this point I freak out because he’s waving it in my face.

    He notices the glass also rips through the second bag. I don’t say anything, and he takes the bag to garbage can in the garage, and proceeds to give me the silent treatment. He doesn’t say anything anymore.

    I’m at my wit’s end. I think he’s verbally abusive, but I’m not sure. This only happens once every month and a half now, and he hasn’t hit me before. The worst he’s ever done is shove me really hard.

    He used to be like this every 2 weeks, but it has gone down to every month and a half. I feel like he’s improving, but this time I was actually frightened.

    When he waved the trash bag in my face, I got really scared. I was in a domestically abusive relationship 5 years ago, so I don’t want to go down that road again. I feel like it’s my ptsd coming out giving me more fear than what the situation is right now. What should I do?

  6. Explain to your husband what you’re saying in the comments “I’m not just the only person to blame, THE GUY WAS JUST SO HOT. I had to shit on our vows and jeopardise our family stability”.

    You’re not regretful you had an affair. You’re regretful your dumb ass got caught. You’re probably wishing more that you’d double checked who you were sending the text to more than you’re wishing the affair never happened. I’m not religious but this may be proof of a higher power.

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