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  1. Many people trusted their spouses but still get betrayed. You have to be kidding me, haven't seen how many “perfect” Husbands and wives cheat on THIS sub. You can never be too safe.

  2. I’m in a happy long term relationship with a man who would never put his hands on me in anger. Women like men who treat them like autonomous people, for future reference.

  3. Bottom line is her behavior makes both you and your boyfriend inappropriate. You’ve told her of this, her behavior has continued and she’s continue to make excuses for herself. Now is the time to cut her off

  4. I think you can handle it. You just need someone for support and strategizing and to help process it as it happens. But you sound like a strong survivor, so hang in there.

  5. I am sure it was in jest meant to make her friend feel better. I'd hate hearing that from my spouse, too, though.

    I'd discuss it and let her know it hurt your feelings (or, however it made you feel), and you should agree not to joke about that type of thing. I am of the mind that you don't bring up divorce unless you are 100% sure you want a divorce.

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