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Date: September 25, 2022

5 thoughts on “Sara Jay live webcams for YOU!

  1. The idea would be for me to pay half of everything he's already paid to get it to 50/50. I should have said that in my post. But that's a way-in-the-future arrangement.

    Thanks for the resource

  2. I'm only about 4 paragraphs in. But the way he so callously talks and objectifies women… he needs a ton of therapy. This is not a porn addiction, this is just who he is and you're catching a glimpse of the real “him”.

    Unless he makes massive changes you should end this.

  3. You need to ask yourself do you want to reconcile with her? She had an EA, she cheated on you. Reconciliation is hard work and both partners need to participate in it fully for it to have a chance to work.

    She will probably use her childhood trauma as an excuse about why she cheated. The question I ask is why didn’t she talk with you. Why didn’t she reach out for help to process and deal with the issues/traumas that were effecting her. Why did she continue to hang around people that were probably a very poor choice to hang around. Why couldn’t she stay home with you instead of going to a bar?

    Something is definitely wrong with her, if after having that last conversation with you, she then sent nudes to her AP.

    I would get a consultation with an attorney, know your legal rights. I would also get a STD test for yourself.

    You need to confront her about what you found and request full transparency for her actions, her response will be your answer about your future. Honestly, I am always for reconciliation if possible, but she blatantly cheated after your last conversation and to me that is your answer.

  4. She sounds a bit messed up and not someone I would want my bf spending a lot of time with. If it were me, I would distance myself from her. I wouldn't ask my bf to stop spending time with her per se (that usually doesn't work), but I would make it clear that I was distancing myself from her.

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