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Date: October 2, 2022

13 thoughts on “Aynaraross-1 live webcams for YOU!

  1. I think you should tell her, but I think you need to think about your feelings right now and plans for the potential relationship really long and hard before you tell her.

    Your relationship sounds like it could be a very solid and long lasting one. I wouldnt haphazardly start a relationship with her without serious intent.

    The problem is that you are only 18 and have alot of learning and maturing to do. Part of the process is to make mistakes and learn from them. What you don't want to do is make too many mistakes with your best friend that you start to resent each other.

  2. 100%. And if OP can't have children, which seems to weight on her heavily which is why this likely hurt so bad. They can look into getting a surrogate, depending on circumstances they would need donor eggs.

    Tbh, I'd be so petty to do that solely to then ban grandma from having access to the grandkids, because clearly she's not someone who'd be good for them.

  3. That’s the conclusion I thought I had come to a couple of years ago. As much as it definitely comes across like a codependent relationship. I wasn’t sure, because I do want him to be independent. I don’t enjoy him relying on me sooo much. It would actually be nice if somebody would look out for me once in a while. I am a naturally empathetic person and a lot of my life is helping those around me. But I might have another look into it, thank you for the reply.

  4. Except I had this exact fight with my husband at year 3. And I hid my farts for those 3 years.. Now married 14 years and it’s resolved.

  5. You need to have a good long chat with him. What happens if you have children? Will his mother still be top priority? If the answer is yes or even maybe, walk away now.

  6. If she insists on doing the majority of the work, maybe spend your “housework” calories on rubbing her feet or making her a nice dessert at the end of the day. At least that will show appreciation for the work she does.

  7. Then bring it up in therapy! It feels like she is almost bullying you into not saying anything! You are unhappy with something so say it

  8. Walk away. The thing about letting someone cross your boundaries is that it becomes habit forming for both of you. In your case you've got a double whammy because the same applies to letting someone get away with destroying your belongings every time they have a tantrum.

    Do you really want to wait around for her to delete all this artist's music from your collection because she doesn't want you listening to it? Or maybe breaking your studio equipment because she thinks you spend too much time on it? Because it's in the pipeline. It might be a little while off arriving, but it's still there.

  9. Ohh ok, sorry I was misreading that. It would be strange of her to file a police report over something she made up. Did she for sure file a report? Even if she was flirting at the bar with him if she was blacked then she was not able to consent. She didn’t necessarily have to be terrified of him the next morning, she might have been too confused and upset to really process much else. Why did her location say she was at her friend’s apartment still? It’s a little strange how much she has changed the story but I could see her considering not telling you out of shame. It’s odd that it apparently happened once before as well though. Not to say many women aren’t SA’d more than once but it could potentially point to a pattern of cheating or at least being fairly unsafe with her alcohol consumption (not to victim shame). I’m not really sure what to think. But I can see lying to some extent after SA.

  10. I’ve been a mortgage lender for 12 years, 20 plus years overall in finance. So, intimately familiar with the paperwork and legality, as well as selling. I’d say I have a better grip on how this all works than most of the commenters on this thread, and no, I don’t think it’s crazy to buy with someone you’ve been with 2 years, particularly if you’re at present planning to continue the relationship permanently/indefinitely. Yes, you have to be aware of the risks and yes, in many cases it makes sense to have an agreement up front about what happens should you split/who gets what/etc. … but, the “correct” amount of years to be in a relationship before buying isn’t some one size fits all. It’s honestly crazy to me that so many here are essentially saying they should rent until they get married. I have as many clients buying married as I have buying as unmarried co-borrowers. In recent memory, the only emergency “refi to buy someone out” situations have been for the married ones.

  11. OMG girl, consider leaving. I know that seems like an extreme reaction but he was going to give away your things without asking you so he could look good at work. This won't be the last time he pulls a power play and then tries to guilt you into going along with his bullshittery.

    Just take the games back. Too damn bad how he looks, he should have thought of that. If he is that worried about appearances he can either 1. give away his own games, or 2. buy some games (new? used? whatever) to give away. Yours are YOURS and not up for grabs.

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