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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. Old saying, Don't mistake love for lust (or infatuation). I mean if you are comfortable with it, but yes, the answer to your question is yes, 3 weeks is very fast to be dropping I love you's.

  2. He sounds like an abusive, insecure ass of a bf and you're better off without someone who would apply this stupid double standard to you.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg

    I believe he's disgusted. Hypocritcally and irrationality so. But he is.

    Do you WANT to be with someone who's disgusted by you? Of course not. Get away from this pathetic excuse for a human.

  3. Respectfully, you need to budget your money better and not ask your boyfriend to subsidize your income. This means you may not be able to save as much for the trips you plan to take.

    His income really shouldn't factor into your budgeting at all except when it comes to shared expenses.

    The only thing I think might be reasonable is if you were to ask if he'd mind paying a higher amount of utilities and/or split the rent in direct proportion to both of your incomes (assuming that would mean you pay less than the 60/40 split you have now). If you have any other shared expenses (i.e. food or entertainment), you could request the same.

    You could also let him know that you won't be able to save as much for the trip you plan to take and ask if he's willing to compromise on some of the budget items (i.e. getting a cheaper hotel). It's possible he will offer to contribute more to cover your half, but he certainly isn't obligated to do so.

    I know it sucks but you're not married and don't have shared finances, so you should be financially independent of each other. That's my view anyways.

  4. There doesn't need to be a reason why sometimes. It's not like you can force a person to be with you.

  5. She said he doesn't travel for business often. Could just be excited he gets the opportunity and really wants to make a strong impression so he gets even more opportunities to excel that could lead to a promotion. To me the dodgy part is staying with the colleagues' family friend… if it's a business trip you should get another hotel no doubt.

  6. Just tell him to keep 99 percent of the shit he thinks of to himself, if you want to ask him whether you have gotten fat or not you will ask, otherwise it is abusive to go against your wishes and insult you because “ iTs jUsT an ObsErvAtion”

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