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  1. This sounds dangerous, and raises many alarm bells. It is not normal for a woman not to video chat right away, or to want to see you also.

    Because she is older, she should 1. Know from experience that video chat is required for any self respecting woman. 2. Want to see for herself who YOU are!

    You should never ever ever meet a stranger in person like this. It is likely this person wants to take advantage of you or harm you, or worse. It is not normal behavior and is very alarming.

    I would stop talking to this person immediately without explanation or apology. No good will come of it. There are lots of apps and programs that can change the sound and tone of someone’s voice EASILY – do not be fooled by a feminine voice.

    Please tell your close friends and family about this so they can help you understand the signs for yourself and help protect you. This is VERY dangerous. Do not take this lightly that a person you don’t know has fine to great lengths to keep themselves hidden, and now want you to come to their home turf where they have all upper hands.

    It is a trap. Run the other direction and learn from this. Don’t learn the hard way, please.

  2. What I hear is that she was a confident young woman and he sexualized taking her down a peg and made it his personal mission to break her. That's fucking vile

  3. Yes that is my plan, while I think it'd be best for her to leave him I wasn't trying to get her to do so, nor was I asking on how to get her to (I get the assumption though no need to apologize ) I was just wondering about this specific problem (the “not asking out” point of the post, I am often a voice if reason for her and knowing as much as possible about these topics to give good advice is important for me, as much as for her

  4. The gaslighting and manipulation is strong with this one. Trying to say YOU are disloyal when he's the one that cheated… Wow. Did you find out if he was seeing/talking to her again? Do yourself a favor and dump this dude. He did one of the worst things you can do in a relationship and just expects you to continue trusting everything he says? No.

  5. There is no way for you to feel secure about his feelings for you as things stand.

    Build your own security by realizing that you are not in a romantic partnership with this man, and that you need to make financial , emotional and physical preparations to be single very soon.

  6. Heres my 2 cents. When I was around her age and worked a food service job, i would often toke before work. I never smoked at work because i didnt want to get fired/embarrassed. As i got older and i started working jobs that required more of me, i stopped. I still enjoy the devils lettuce to this day, just off the clock. She may change her ways too, or not. Ultimately, its up to her to choose if its a problem or not. Hopefully yall are in a relationship were you feel comfortable to bring up that you are worried about her pot use. Just know that it will be her decision to change (or not) and it will be your decision to be cool with that (or not).

  7. Maybe he's at an age where he doesn't want to commit long-term to anybody – it's not just you.

    In any case, you should break up, because his statements are making you insecure. You deserve to be wanted 100%!

  8. She's nuts and he's making it worse by playing you both. He likes having a back up plan. I'd break up with him because he shouldn't be speaking to her

  9. I feel so conflicted. He says that western culture is only responsible for committing crimes against humanity and has stolen everything from the East. I know that this is true but he won’t even listen when I try to explain the good things about western culture.

  10. And yet, she never blocked him.

    Your wife made the conscious decision to leave that door open. Sure, now that she snapped and told you the truth, she's showing regret. But where was that regret when she left the possibility for communication open for 3 years?

    It's possible the other guy ghosted her and she wanted to continue the affair, so she left him unblocked. After so much time has passed she could have moved on and forgot about the fact he was never blocked.

  11. Pain killers and sleeping medications work, but they don’t stop the side effects from ingesting the food itself. Yes, she’s asking for a punch in the head

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