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  1. A couple hundred dollars for an initial consultation, to get an overview of what a divorce might look like for you, is absolutely worth the money. Until you do it, there’s too much uncertainty about it. Plus, every state has its own quirks for divorce, and those quirks matter. A lot.

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  3. No they’re is plenty of photos of attractive women he doesn’t know. There is no reason for him to be jerking off to pictures of old friends or acquaintances. It’s just weird. Are these even like “sexy photos”? Or are they just normal photos.

    It is 100% way too personal, nuh uh would not stand for this at all.

  4. It shows her attitude on it. I would be willing to bet she made her perspective aggressively clear to him. They simply aren’t compatible with how they view financials.

  5. “I told him that if I busted him again that would be it. I don't want to be THAT woman who just accepts that this is her fate.”

    And yet here you are on Reddit, instead of ending it, hoping that someone will give a you a way so that you can be THAT woman who accepts your fate but still retain some shred of dignity pretending all is good-until the next time you bust him.

    Please girl. Get outta there. You gave the ultimatum, and it did not work. What makes you think anyone here can or will help you wiggle out of that?

    We are REDITT. WE ARE UNCOMPROMISING. Just leave hun. Hugs.

  6. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    he does not have empathy for you. if he has aspd he is PHYSIOLOGICALLY INCAPABLE of empathy. he's faking it and you bought it. if you're okay with him faking it and the mask slipping then fine. you're being ignorant though if you think things will stay the way they are

  7. This guy maaay be my hero. “And stuff” when played backwards say “take my pants off and play 50 shades of nasty.”

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