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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. Yeah…I gave up a long time ago on trying to make it clear that I wouldn't do all the things anymore. If kids weren't involved, it'd be different. But if I didn't wake them up for work, they'd be fired, and it'd immediately impact my life and children's lives. If I leave the room and make the point that I'm not making every decision about dinner and bedtime tonight, then schoolwork won't get done, my kids won't eat until who knows when, and bedtime won't be until 11pm. If I do my own laundry and leave the rest in the basket, then I'm “intentionally being a jerk” because I could easily do it all at once. If I don't clean, it won't EVER get done, even if I specifically assign them an item to clean. It's just less stress on me to do it all myself than also manage delegating and not being able to trust that it'll get done. Less stress in the moment, but…

    This is obviously so much more than not getting a gift. I guess the lack of gift is just a very tangible way to represent the constant hurt.

  2. If you haven’t made her your ex then it’s on you. You know what she is, you should be looking out for number one.

    She doesn’t take you seriously because of your age. You are just a plaything to her.

  3. Sit down with her and let her know that sex with other people is a BIG thing for you and would be deal breaker. You two have a lot to talk about

  4. You’re in trouble then your relationship is in trouble. By the time or relationship partner, that’s been monogamous and happy for years brings up some thing like an open relationship or a Polly style relationship. You’re on shaky Ground. Don’t ever do anything you don’t want to do. But at this point, I would start to watch out for him because he has warned you. He may not thought he was doing that but he did. He’s let you know he’s interested in other people. I wish you the best of luck you can talk to him, but he’s already put it out there.

  5. There are so many things that do fit together and I think a lot of my expectations come from what I see in my friends’ lives, on social media

    I keep saying it: social media has severely damaged relationships, especially in the younger generations because all these kids, predominantly girls, watch these influencers showcast their “perfect” lives and “perfect” relationships and think that this is real. Its not. My es GF worked with a marketing agency and she was responsible for the social media aspect, where she would deal with lots of influencers. Long story short, the infuencers in private, away from the cameras, are very different than what you see posted online.

    And dont get me started on all these posts about what a perfect relationship should look like. “You know a guy really is the right one for you, when he does these 10 things….” one really said, that the guy shouldnt have to ask his partner about her needs and should know by himself. Thats one of the most stupid things regarding dating ive ever seen.

    So yeah, long story short, social media is a bad template for relationships.


    but I don’t know how to navigate the fear/realization that he does not meet all my dreamy scenarios…

    You have to understand that no guy, will ever be able to fulfill ALL your scenarios and meet all your wishes, expectations etc. At the end of the day you are dealing with another human, and humans are imperfect.

    Every relationship needs compromise, otherwise it wont last. The question every person has to ask themself is what they are willing to compromise on and what not. There is no right or wrong answer to it, its subjective for every person.

    So maybe just take a moment for yourself to really reflect about the entire situation. Reflect about your wants and needs. Ask yourself: if this status quo went on for another 15 years, would you be truly happy? If the answer is no, why not? What would you be missing?

    Depending on the answers you are giving to yourself, you can maybe get a clearer picture.

  6. Loving someone is irrelevant if y’all have different life goals. This is something you must accept as you grow into adulthood: major differences (wanting a housewife, wanting X kids versus none, wanting to live in the city versus country) are not something you should be trying to change within each other. It just leads to bitterness.

  7. I don't feel right about setting aside money for the immediate things I will need – car / apartment etc.

    Unless you’re being financially abused, what you’re describing is conversion of marital assets, which will not go well for you in the divorce.

  8. I wouldn’t touch the diet topic at ALL.

    But it’s valid to bring up that you want to go back to your own schedule. Say that you tried adjusting to her schedule, but it’s not working for you. Be nice about it, but firm.

  9. thanks for posting the quote from OP. the other commenter wasn't just reaching, but full blown misattributing something that OP in fact didn't say anything of the sort.

    I see the term 'unhinged' thrown around an awful lot in cases when the hinges are at worst, slightly loosened

  10. Out of curiosity why in the world you be the one calling his new job to ask questions a day after this interview?

    I can’t imagine any normal adult has his wife call and talk to a hiring manager before he has even settled in let alone accepted an offer?

    Do you often follow up on normal adult tasks he should be doing?

  11. I think if you pull this trigger you’re not going to have a girlfriend anymore. Definitely consider if it’s worthwhile.

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