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Date: September 28, 2022

16 thoughts on “LitaSweet live webcams for YOU!

  1. I have a dog and a cat ❤️ they’re honestly amazing and a huge reason I want to cut down on my overtime so I can spend more time with them.

  2. I don't think you'd ruin her trip, she doesn't give a damn about your relationship. Just get rid of her. I'm sorry you've been through this.

  3. You don’t have to like it but if it happened before you were exclusive she didn’t do anything wrong. This is why I encourage people to avoid “assumed exclusivity” and I’m 100% clear with people I’m dating that I’m single until he asks me to be his girlfriend and we have that conversation. Not because I’m necessarily trying to date a million people at a time, but because direct, open communication is one of my core values and what I look for in others.

  4. IMO it doesn't matter why he behaves this way. The simple fact is that he treats you very disrespectfully, and you don't need someone like that in your life.

  5. This is ridiculous. The decal goes on the car. You don’t gate-keep a parking pass. And as he is using your car (presumably) for work and you use the car to drive you and baby, and you’re his wife, you shouldn’t have to pay half. He’s being a total AH. I would tell him the decal goes on the car and he pays for the pass or he can find another way to work.

  6. So he's being insecure and wrong for sure. And you should be there for your friend.

    However – also – the adage that we are an average of our 5 closest people is kind of true. I'm not really sure what Sami's actions say about her – caring to a fault? (way beyond a fault well on the way to doormat with paying for the recovery of a man who cheated so repeatedly and is still actively cheating)

    I've been friends with poly people and this isn't really an open marriage either – dude just can't stop cheating, she has accepted it. This is in no way good for her, doesn't matter if she has fun now – she could be doing that while being totally single.

    There's just a lot of mess in this situation which should not have been allowed to get to this point, mainly by Sami's self-respect and hopefully the advice of her friends. I wouldn't personally drop a friend over this and your husband is still being totally unreasonable, but as far as how she might influence you – I don't see her being a good influence on another adult. Maybe kids or pets who would benefit from her obvious kindness, but she just doesn't protect herself at all and people like that have all sorts of weird coping patterns and rationalisations to cope with the extreme stress and pain they allow others to put them in. So I wouldn't, personally, be best friends with someone like that either. I think you should take a step back and consider what all her decisions say about her as a person and if it's healthy to live like her.

  7. Trust your feelings. His wounds go deep when it comes to her, but the good things are he is very much attentive to you. The gifts he is giving you are similar to the things his former girlfriend wore. Looks like he flipped the story on his breakup.

  8. You can get a ‘nice quality ring that lasts’ for far less than $5 to $10k, even if you go with a platinum setting. Diamonds are what will cost you big bucks and a small one will last just as long as a large one. It sounds like your fiancé to be wants the bling.

  9. So she had sex with your brother while high before she met you. She didn’t tell you at the beginning of your relationship because she didn’t care about you. She didn’t tell you later in your relationship because she loved you so much. So basically she would never have told you in any scenario. She probably asked your brother brother to keep quiet also.

    Your brother blurted out that he had sex with her but he didn’t give you a narrative about what happened between them. You only have your wife’s narrative and she is trying to minimize the fallout. So did they have sex in the past (teens) or more recently?

    Past sexual history and mistakes aren’t the problem here. The problem is that she kept a secret that would she knew would effect the trajectory and development of the relationship between you two. So she lied and your brother weaponized it.

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