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Date: October 1, 2022

10 thoughts on “Anakaliyah live webcams for YOU!

  1. He reminds me of my mother.

    I only have money because she no longer has access to my accounts, otherwise she'd spend everything on replacing phones that she thinks are compromised. She also locked me out of the house once she became convinced that I was working with the conspiracies.

    If you decide to stay, keep camping equipment and food in your car and just hope he doesn't turn on you in winter. It's possible to freeze to death overnight.

  2. Humans have worth beyond someone wanting to fuck them. She isn't a sexual object she is a person. All he sees her as is a sexual object.

  3. yeah love that’s not fair at all (unless it’s satisfying both people ofc every relationship is different). you should BOTH be having your needs met. definitely sit him down and talk to him and if nothing changes you might have to break up with him. life is too short for bad or too little sex!

  4. You should talk about it when you both aren’t drunk, but it sounds like he’s getting the best of both worlds right now, especially since he’s making out with other people. He technically is told you that he doesn’t want a relationship but still wants to hang out with you in a more-than-friends way, and (in his mind) you are on board with this. Maybe he’s a decent guy that’s partying and forgetting some things that he’s saying/doing, but there is a very real possibility that he’s not.

    Talk to him, and if his wants don’t line up with yours, move on. You’ll meet plenty of other people in college if he’s not the right guy right now.

  5. You don't know what to do because there isn't anything that can be done to help someone who won't help themselves. What about group therapy? Sometimes religious groups sponsor meetings for mental health issues. His comments about you being his only path to happiness is a trap. You should seriously consider moving on.

  6. I think he's right that you don't earn nearly enough to start a family.

    That said, you wrote that he blames the economy rather than your earnings. That is not very sound thinking.

    You're writing about children but are the two of you married yet?

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