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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. aromantic? it's a romantic label from LGBT where you cannot feel romantic attraction whatsoever, and when you do, it's a really low amount. It's like a spectrum of sorts. Some aromantics are repulsed by the idea of dating. I, on the other hand, am not. I just realized I was aromantic because I never had crushes or anything like that. Hell, when I started dating my boyfriend, I didn't even have a crush on him— I considered him a really close friend, which is why I didn't reject him. I'm really glad I didn't, though, because his company makes me feel truly joyful.

    I could send you a link of a LGBT site explaining this label more in depth, if needed.

  2. You mean being lovey-dovey and lots of PDA? It happens. But it doesn’t necessarily mean the relationship is great. Sometimes people shower you with affection because they genuinely love you, sometimes it’s to distract you from the fact that they’re not a good partner.

  3. Only option is to give her exactly that. Give her all the space in the world. Move on with your life. Treat it as a break up. Wish her well, do you amd dont look back. She'll most likely be surprised and come crawling back. And of she doesnt, you're better off without her.

  4. He's an a******. I mean he's been screwing you for a year but he's not sexually attracted to you all that's interesting you can get it up you can have sex with me you can come in me but you're not sexually attracted okay. Tell him to go to hell if you want to lose weight for you do it for you not because you want him as your boyfriend.

  5. I’m glad you’re together and that you’re getting out. I cannot believe that your mother has violated your trust like this. I’m not sure if your mother is protecting your father or your brothers ?!?!?!?!? Safety first i’m glad you have an escape plan. Please get all your documents locked down your credit and your ID. you might want to talk to a professional to see if you want to go to the police or not.

  6. No 30 year old that entertains the idea of dating a 20 year old would ever possibly be a catch.

    Tale as old as tiiime..?

    “you're so mature”, “you're not like the other girls”, “age is a number”

    Song as old as rhyyyme…?

    He's dating you because he thinks you're naive and can be walked all over.

    Naive and the creeeep ??

  7. Was with you until the last part. Dating 2 months is plenty of time to know you love someone and to be comfortable using “the L word”

    I mean everyone's different I guess, but to me that was one part of OPs post that made me think he is either immature or afraid of commitment.

  8. Emotional intelligence out the window, I see. I admit, your responses are the only ones that had depth, but I still fail to see you educating this young man to do different instead of saying that he’s a piece of shif.

  9. Is she in therapy? Nightmares are something I struggle with, as well as anxious attachment. When I'm feeling insecure, I'm likely to have nightmares about my partner breaking up with me, being unfaithful, etc. I think the best you can do is support her in getting to the bottom of these dreams, which she should do with a therapist. I'm curious if she shows other signs of being insecure or anxiously attached? Some examples might be looking through your phone, getting upset when you spend time with friends, etc.

  10. Is your partner unable to make a visual assesment themselves? Did you tell them before you started dating that you have herpes?

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