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Date: September 28, 2022

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  1. Honestly most adult events are alcohol friendly and if you’re just not in a place where you can be around it it’s best not to go, talk to your sponsor about how you feel about being invited to an alcoholic event. Also tho your boyfriend really doesn’t sound that supportive if he can’t abstain from drinking to make it easier for you. He should know that kissing him with alcohol on his breath could make you relapse, being around the alcohol in the first place could make you relapse. IMO it’s not worth it to go, you should talk to your sponsor and your partner about how you feel

  2. There is no resolution to the cat thing. Im honestly really worried about it because i have this fear that for the rest of forever she wont go into the house. my mom is taking it personally i think and getting defensive because she loves the dog so much. ive tried explaining it to her but shes honestly just never going to get it. But the gay thing (lol), that's not an issue. And honestly my girlfriend would not be sensitive to that. Either way, i can assure you us being a gay couple is not a factor.

    I get what you are saying, but. i cant have an open and honest conversation about anything if she wont let me.

  3. No. Cats aren’t associating an area with pills they likely don’t want to eat. I can’t get mine to take their medicine unless I hide them in treats. But even if that happens to be an issue with these cats, they can actually learn pretty quickly. Unlike the girlfriend.

  4. He's making it clear that he's not willing to be in a relationship anymore by refusing to compromise. It's hard to let go of even a bad relationship because of the time and life you've built together but you've outgrown this relationship. Contact a lawyer before you even tell him you're getting a divorce. Don't listen to him or anyone else and follow your heart. It will be tough but you'll be back in the sun soon enough!

  5. Just because you are of the opposite gender, doesn't mean you should force a relationship out of a platonic friendship.

  6. If he was recently great, hopefully this is temporary and he can get another job and get back to his previous constructive behaviour.

  7. oh you poor thing. I share your pain. How are you even supposed to enjoy your relationship with all this bullshit going on? I can’t believe he put his own life in hold just so he would rock the boat. She must get pretty horrible. I just don’t think she’ll ever stop that. It sucks but maybe you could talk to him about setting some very strict boundaries with her and see if anything changes. It’s not fair that his life is being affected by this woman!!

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