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  1. It seems like with all the trauma he has been through in his life, feeling sad and crying is familiar to him. Like he is fetishizing his own sadness. He may have also obtained a certain amount of attention from his sadness and crying and got used to that as well. I've also had a difficult life and was frequently sad from when I was a small child and until I obtained therapy, looked for ways I could make myself a victim in a lot of situations so I could go back to that familiar “woe is me” place. I wasn't allowed to cry as a child though so a lot if my sadness was just expressed verbally.

    I think you have to be honest with him and let him know that you need someone a little more solid in your life. Someone that can be there for YOU as much as you are for him. And when he is constantly crying you find it next to impossible to be vulnerable yourself and get support from him. I think it is okay to show your emotions but he needs therapy so he doesn't fall apart from every little thing.

  2. It doesn't really help that you're blowing it up too, man. Sounds a bit immature of you. But hey do you.

    Yea not sure why you can't just lie.

  3. Good for you for recognizing that this therapist was not the right fit and not giving up on therapy as a concept. That's hard for a lot of people to do. Speaking as a therapist myself…yours sounded totally invalidating and disparaging of your character. Totally not the kind of support you need.

  4. I can't even imagine what it's like when the conspiracy takes hold of your own parents.. that feeling of hopelesness. I feel for you

    It's just sad to hear all these stories of broken relationships and basically tragedies enabled by digital cults and social media

  5. I mean the easiest way to drop a lot of weight and solve this problem is divorce him. He does not sound like a good partner at all. You're not the one in the wrong here. He's an unsupportive selfish partner.

  6. Yes it’s one thing if it’s accidental but it’s just self deprecating to do it on purpose. Also very selfish in regards to the child.

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