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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. I'll never understand why people decide to marry someone when his/her family hates that person and then proceed to take the family's side on everything.

  2. Read the thread. The person I replied said there was no difference between 1 dick or 100 inside of her.

  3. He is not an amazing guy. He’s an arsehole who is mostly nice to you when he can be bothered but really doesn’t give a shit if he makes you cry.

  4. What's 'working on the relationship' look like after two years of separation?

    Are you just seeing who has changed during the two years and if you're compatible with the changes (or not.)?

    If you're in counseling discuss it there. If you're not in counseling… Start and discuss it there. In a safe space.

    Be prepared to answer hard questions.

    Be prepared to discuss and analyze the differences in the procedures.

    Be honest about if you want more kids are you guys up for fostering or adopting a child?

    A vasectomy or tubal ligation is not going to magically fix this.

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