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  1. I feel like there is a lot of nope going around here. Age gap. Overbearing parents. I think you should definitely take your time before getting married. You have to play the part somewhat with your parents because you are clearly still their dependent. Until you are independent, paying your own bills and living on your own you have to deal with the parents and their religious BS.

  2. I do see your point however i practically am out of steps per say. My life has been stagnant for the past 3 years going on 4 with no change in sight truthful i wanted just to be able to do what everyone else can

  3. Idk I was hoping someone would say something about this is how guys for xyz reasons sigh. I can’t understand him.

  4. There's a few ways to think about labia size and shape:

    Don't really care one way or another, no preference. Or find each type hot in is own way. This is most guys.

    Prefer one type over another, with a gun to our head, but certainly like them all. This is a lot of guys. Probably not as big as group one.

    Prefer a type (usually small lips, but occasionally big) and don't like other types. This is a small minority of guys.

    Your guy is either group 3 or group 2 and making insensitive jokes.

    Based on the huge amount of dudes in group 1 (and 2) you should have no issue finding one of us after you dump him.

  5. Because she is loyal, nice and does not make me think that she would want to cheat. If I get out of this I will never look for another woman again. I know I am in control and we are not married yet. She wants to, and also wants to have kids, but I am against it all. I see a red flag so I have said I dont want anything, but breaking up is tough cause of the drama. “Leaving” sounds simple but it is so hard when you live in the same house. (we live in a different continent way away from home). Maybe the fear of dropping someone in a desolate environment is bugging me… (Thanks for taking out the time btw, really appreciate it)

  6. You can't lock the man's junk up and claim you want to save the relationship lol.

    If you have to do that then there is no saving it.

    First, unlock the damn cage. Next, do the adult thing and try counseling for both his sex addiction and couple's counseling to get through this.

  7. Oral sex is sex so she's not a virgin anymore It's possible she could be asleep and said all those things. I've had interesting conversations with my partner, me thinking he was awake, and even planned what to eat for dinner the next night only to find out in the morning he was asleep and didn't remember any of it. You don't say if it was clear if she was awake (looking at you in the eyes, reacting to your facial moments, etc). If she was facing away from you, you don't really know for sure if she was fully awake or not. But it's more likely she's just lying cuz of the regions upbringing. I'm religious to so I know how it is, used to think oral sex was different than “sex sex” but it's all sex and she's not a virgin anymore since she has gotten oral before. Probably should end the relationship. She has baggage that she needs therapy for and is making claims that will ruin your life whether it's true or not. Tho if she already said she doesn't want anal, don't stick your finger in their ass unless you ask FIRST.

  8. Yeah. Why are you married, and if you're that afraid of getting preggo, you shouldn't be having sex. Adult children you both are

  9. Nah, she cornered him even asking this question. This is not “Boyfriend 101” stuff, this is “fuck around and find out” stuff for her.

    If he didn't answer I promise she woulda kept bugging him about it until he did. He had no win option.

  10. No matter how angry or frustrated my husband and I have been with each other over the past 13 years, we have never mocked or belittled the other person. What you’re describing is not marriage material.

  11. Would he have a problem with a male hairdresser? A male doctor? What about the Ubers you get in- can they be male drivers?

  12. Imagine having kids with this goon. “Sorry son, your award is bullshit and makes you pretentious. Be an alpha like me and let everything be joyless.”

  13. hugs, she wanted to be friends but she wanted someone she could dump her problems on as a therapy session. She didn't use your friendship, she abused it by using you as an emotional support animal instead of going to a real live therapist. Yes, you have the right to be butt hurt through all this, some will state you overstepped. She really overstepped her friendship with you because she really didn't care if you were her friend.

    You started getting feelings for her but she saw you as “SAFE” and didn't want to cross that boundary because she was using you as her therapist. She is allowed to blow up her life as she sees fit, she isn't allowed to dump it on you, to walk away as if nothing happened, and to have you accept her behavior let alone the boundaries she crossed that you have on morals and ethics.

    You messed up because you actually fell in love with her and she blew you off because you are safe. Your feelings matter as much as hers does. Her problem is she doesn't have any love for herself which shows in her toxic destructive behavior. You were the bestie that lectured her on her sleeping with her boss and having his wife name call her which btw, I don't care what anyone else thinks but she deserved it. On top of this she can lose her job by sleeping with her boss (this was a consensual choice on her part), she chose to sleep with him knowing it was not beneficial to her job.

    You have every right to feel how you do after being her dumping ground for her emotional state and being her number 1 person. Walk away from the toxic waste dump and get some therapy for yourself.

  14. At least it wasn't a turkey sandwich with the moist maker in the middle then the guy didn't even finish it. Ross was so pissed.

  15. Sorry I missed that. You've discussed it with him and no change, right? If conversation doesn't work, what's left?

  16. I was outed at work by someone I over shared with when I was much younger and still living in AR. I never let anyone know I'm bi at work. Those rumors were a bitch to live down.

  17. Y’all telling me that your brother really couldn’t pick a different date to get married lol wtf

  18. Why is it so impossible for y'all to imagine some people needing occasional alone time without it being a personal slight against their partner?

    My bet is that he could use some blissful relaxation too.

    Nothing is stopping him from doing so…

    But, it's not nearly as reasonable as you're making it out to be

    It might not be reasonable to you but it's not rare (and definitely not unreasonable) for partners to occasionally have time to do their own thing.

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