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Date: September 23, 2022
Actors: Zlata-912

8 thoughts on “Amonet

  1. Thank you I definitely will, In the past when I’ve asked her if there’s anything wrong or bothering her I find she’s not truthful about it or will hold off and then bring it up a few days later as an argument when we had the chance to talk and communicate about it days before and she just doesn’t take it. Do you have any advice on getting her to open up to me more? Obviously if someone doesn’t want to tell me something I can’t force them to but it’s at the point where it’s affecting the relationship and idk how to explain it to her that way without her taking it as I’m breaking up with you

  2. What a nice definition of divine forgiveness you have here – it works only in favour of what you want or do…

    What's this religion?

  3. So not to be that person, maybe he is using this to get you to leave him, like what if he is cheating? I mean it’s just weird. He’s either freaking out or cheating.

    It’s such a weird thing for a long term partner to do something like this, but honestly I don’t think you should trust this person.

  4. The comment assumed she would be the parent getting child support. What is that assumption based on? That was my point.

  5. I'm so glad you're here to be able to reach out to others in pain with compassion, understanding and empathy. It is often a difficult choice to make.

    I remember many many years ago reading an autobiography of an Australian farm woman (can't for the life of me remember her name) who wrote that when she felt she couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel she decided to march up and light her own light.

    Sometimes we're not ready or able to do that for ourselves, sometimes we need someone else to protect our light. .

  6. Her having those emotions isn’t the red flag. Her asking him to stay home and skip out on quality time with his friends so she doesn’t have to have those feelings is the red flag.

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