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Date: September 23, 2022
Actors: Zlata-912

12 thoughts on “DAPHNE

  1. What in the world are you even saying a second ago you just said you weren’t saying porn was bad but now you’re saying watching porn makes men shitty like both genders don’t partake. It’s so silly.

    And then you say the other person can’t read but you earlier interpreted what they said as validation for cheating which doesn’t make sense at all.

    It’s natural to get horny, it’s natural to want sex we are animals after all. But hey you’re in a relationship and your partner is sick or just not feeling it atm, they’re not the type to send nudes or videos, and your “boundary” is no porn so then what they can’t do anything to take care of themselves. It’s just dumb and unnecessary.

  2. haha I wish it was as simple as clipping my nails, I do ask and she just gives the same old reply and I CBA making it a big deal at the time

  3. Can I give you some unsollicited dating advice, that might or might not apply to you?

    If you have experience with abuse (from past relationships and/or parents) you might find people that “feel like home” or “feel familiar” that you're immediately drawn to.

    Be wary of that feeling and those people.

    This is how people jump from one abusive relationship to another.

    If you have subconciously internalized that abuse feels like love, you'll end up with people who have a similar concept of love=abuse. When abuse feels familiar, familiar isn't a good indicator when dating.

  4. Yes, I'm suggesting you leave both of them alone entirely. There are other people with whom you will share a sexual chemistry.

  5. He is outright abusive. This would be enough reason to divorce him (“mental cruelty”). Privately, meet with a divorce attorney to find out your next steps. Most lawyers will give you a free 30 minute consult to get you started.

  6. Right? You see my point? Like, isn’t it normal for people in love to actually want each other? For me it’s no longer abt getting off. I want him. That’s the only scenairo sexual thoughts come to my brain. It’s not obsessive or weird for me coz i think that’s how it’s supposed to be. Or maybe he’s not in love with me and the relationship for him is abt different things and not the same thiings as me.

  7. If there was a deep end of the pool you would have fallen into it. No one is forcing the people to take a DNA test. My position as a man is I want to verify that the child is mine. Thats it. Im not accusing anyone of anything. And I can submit my DNA and I can submit my childs DNA. I have those rights. If the hospital wants to pay for it then great. If not then I will pay for it. Theres no taxpayer paying in this situation whatsoever. And as for it being a very rare situation I would point to the reason the death penalty was abolished in most states. If the risk is greater than zero that an innocent person could be executed or in this case be on the hook for 18+ years of financial support then thats too high and worth the testing or abolishing the death penalty in that case even if it is more costly to test or in the death penalty to house an inmate for life.

  8. Relationships are emotional. And if you are western, eastern northern or southern you are entitled to your feelings.

    Maybe have a talk with her, and if she apologize see if you can forgive her, but ultimately if you cant thats fine too. Your feelings matter.

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