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Date: September 25, 2022

10 thoughts on “ESTEFA live webcams for YOU!

  1. The guy admits he chose not to contact his son for three years (of his own free will) and yet you’re blaming the mother for “weaponizing” the relationship. Talk about not dealing with conflict honestly!

  2. Still fucking strange. Did you really expect me accept an 18 year old with a 30 year old? She may not be a child anymore, but she was when she was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD. It’s still gross no matter what.

  3. He says that once he's married things will change and he won't be going out as much. He says trust me, it will be fine.

    And as long as I don't have to see Jack, why is that a problem, and that I should be fine with it. That's what I get when I bring it up.

  4. This fucker is an attention seeking man child. His whole life everyone has allowed him to be a fuckwit and get away with it. I would let him come and embarrass the shit out of him in front of everyone. Literally tell everyone to ignore him. Not just the videographer and photographer, how does your fiancé feel about him stealing the spotlight from her (weddings are usually about the bride looking beautiful etc..) Tell him if he doesn’t respect you and your request he will never ever have your respect your friendship and your help in future life. He sounds like a fucking loser tbh. I can’t find king stand “practical jokers” It’s just a nice way of saying abusive cunt.

  5. Well he’s a little immature so he made a joke with the iron man filter saying “Jarvis show me this woman’s tits” he stated that it wasn’t directly to me and that he was just repeating a meme he saw (which he does frequently)

  6. OP – I say this with kindness, but your man is a cunt. You do not have to put up with this. Quite frankly, if he is complaining about you this way, it shows a level of disrespect. Women DO NOT have to put up with this sort of behaviour.

    Next time he whispers even a word in this fashion – your response should be – I’m out. This is over. Goodbye.

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