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Date: September 28, 2022

11 thoughts on “Ebonybombs live webcams for YOU!

  1. Just an FYI—defamation is not “illegal”. You do not “break” any anti-defamation law by defaming. It is simply a cause of action that allows someone to recover damages if they can prove that the definition caused at least nominal harm.

  2. This dude is 25. Is his unemployment temporary, or has he never worked a day in his life?

    What are his future goals? Do they align with yours?

  3. Her reaction about this is valid, because I don't think this was about getting an apartment. If she was a responsible adult, she would have warned you before getting an apartment that she felt this way. Do you get the feeling this was planned, or that this was spur of the moment? If it was spur of the moment then she is manipulating to test a boundary. Depending on how you lens it, It is either to see if she can manipulate you, or it is to see if you will respect her boundaries. It is a terrible way to do it, and I don't blame you if you want to bail for this. I think you need more information, and as others have said, you may need to speak with a lawyer ASAP to understand the risk you take by not rejecting the apartment as soon as possible compared to waiting 30 days. My gut says in 30 days she will already be sleeping with you again. This is a stupid shit test, and personally I would rather make the decision in 30 days after proof it was a test cuz for now she's just going to lie as part of the test. If she sticks to the church and no sex thing for 30 days then she really means it and then you can take it or leave it. There's literally one path where you might stay in the relationship, but if you think she's worth it then stay and hope for the best in 30 days.

  4. I don't think you're going to get any advice you like on any legitimate sub. You're just gonna have to deal with the fallout from the situation you caused. All you can do is leave him alone and most likely have to find new friends. And if these new friends find out what you did you'll probably lose them too. Sorry! You might not have any way of fixing this.

  5. If someone can mistake their sober pregnant wife for her sister on her birthday then that person shouldn’t be allowed within three blocks of a bar. He didn’t mistake anyone. He got fucked up and was trying to get with the sister and so was she. So they did.

  6. Don’t use the number and pretend it never happened. If he keeps hitting on you then report it to his boss.

  7. Don't go back ever and not alone nor with your husband, ever.

    Your husband seems to have an aggressive streak, but he seems to be a good guy otherwise.

    Him breaking your dad's arm was a step too far. It will never be a normal relationship. Forget it. Be thankful that you have great inlaws and nurture your relationships here.

    Try to build relationships with your brothers and their families remotely.

    Best of luck!!

  8. This dude drove by her place when she didn't respond to a few messages. He's the same as her ex.

  9. For people who doesn't believe it wasn't an accident it litterally WAS I Kissed on ACCIDENT because it was an immediate urge you guys need to understand that

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