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  1. I am like your bf in that I don’t consider alcohol or drugs a necessary part of life; I don’t do that stuff. However, I know that other people may see that differently and do want alcohol and/or weed in their lives. I would never tell my partner not to use any of that – I would just not partner up with them.

    So in the end, you guys are incompatible and shouldn’t be together, because he doesn’t want a drug-using partner, which is okay for him not to want, and you want to occasionally use this or that, which is okay for you to want. Of course, either of you can decide to move their boundary / stay sober and stay together. But it needs to be your free will.

    My ex completely stopped drinking beer while we were together, but of his own accord. I never told him to. On the other hand, I never date anyone who smokes cigarettes, because that’s a hard boundary for me.

  2. Thanks for the comments. Of course I’m also to blame, since I encouraged this. Her friend knows what she’s doing, so I don’t feel bad for her. She’s 41 and highly intelligent.

  3. I know its not “normal” but i have been dating cross culture, cross genre, cross life and you would be amazed by how much “weird” shit others find normal, or what fights i had to take. People are just weird and immature, that does not make them bad people is what i am preaching.

    Sometimes it does.

  4. You are not mature enough to be in a relationship or decide what is good for someone elses life. You need to grow up, if I knew this lady I would encourage her to leave your ass. You are a walking red flag for abuse.

  5. Your ex-bf is a saint. He put up with no sex for 6 months. You admitted you have zero to low sex drive. It’s not that he has a high sex drive. You have ZERO. That could work for some people. But it really doesn’t work for most people.

  6. He's saying “the world is full of stories of where the stupid trusting man was wrong and I'm going to trust but verify”.

    This is like a prenup… Tons of reasons to get one that's not “I don't trust you”.

    You can love someone. Trust me that person. and still support something like a prenup or pat test.

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