Lia Prada


AT GOAL: RUB MY ASSHOLE AND PUSSY + FINGERING , ♥ Wet me and make me yours [Multi Goal]

Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. her not wanting to go to the AA meeting is only part of a larger issue at hand here. your girlfriend is making no effort to try to build a relationship with your mother, and I believe you need to communicate with your girlfriend soon about why she is so reluctant and unwilling to make an effort to get to know your mother

  2. I am aware that nagging doesn't work, and that is precisely why I don't nag. I am patiently waiting for him to come to the right conclusion all by himself, because dragging him there by force will only ensure that he'll never go there.

  3. Well that's the risk you took when you gave “pictures” to a person you barely know and apparently don't even really like.

  4. > THAT was the rule.

    It's almost like it depends on the person and the relationship. Kind of like I said. You know not everyone lives the same way you do right? That it's chill to have different house rules?

  5. I appreciate all of you guys giving advice/insight. I'm usually horrible at following advice, but this really has given me the push I needed to do what's right for myself. I'll be moving all of my things into the guest room this coming week, focusing on saving money, and saving to buy new furniture for when I move (hopefully into my OWN home). I guess I just really needed advice from people I knew wouldn't give me biased opinions like loved ones tend to do. You guys are seriously awesome, thank you.

  6. Alexia showed me her conversation with my wife after they heard the news about Jack's passing. Alexia was feeling guilty and Alison threatening to drag her down with her if she fell

  7. It’s incredibly hard to convince people to not use steroids once they decide to. However he’s being irresponsible by not doing it right. There are was to combat roid rage, and he definitely will need post cycle therapy. It sound like he may be at his peak with this behavior and will taper down soon. It’s incredible dangerous that you were able to find the needles so easily considering there are children in the home.

    My husband has done a few cycles, and he never gets this bad. I think this guy is dosing way too high or not using the correct one for him.

    Back to the point though, if this is a hard boundary for you then you need to establish and follow through. It’s likely he’ll do more cycles.

  8. That may be the case. It sounds like she KNOWS what she needs to do, and that's the first seed planted. Hopefully she is wiser than many and follows reason and her gut

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