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  1. It sounds like the root of the problem is that you think certain body parts should only be viewed by a romantic partner and she doesn't. Honestly, I'm not sure if there's any way to change your mind on that subject with sheer willpower alone. Neither of you are really in the wrong (though it was a bit unfair to date her when you knew how she dressed and knew you didn't agree with it), but you might simply be incompatible.

    It might potentially help to quit focusing so much on what other guys are thinking and seeing? In my relationship, my husband occasionally encourages me to wear something that I'd consider too revealing to leave the house in. When I've asked him about his mindset, it all boils down to “I'm having a nice night with my wife at a fancy restaurant, and it would make the nice evening even better if I can also enjoy looking at a bunch of cleavage on our date.” What other guys are looking at barely even crosses his mind, because he's focused on interacting with me.

  2. Yes, they always do that. Telling people to blow up their lives due to morality without thinking through the consequences. OP doesn't have any obligation to get involved, she just needs to walk away.

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