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Date: September 28, 2022

14 thoughts on “BOO BOO KITTY live webcams for YOU!

  1. She has an eating disorder which is something that needs to be consulted through a nutritionist/doctor and therapist. She needs to work on herself and is not in the place to be in a relationship with you. She needs to work on her relationship with food

  2. I think the best way to address it is “I'm sorry if you guys saw something you didn't want to see, but this is precisely why we do not just walk into other people's homes without calling ahead and knocking when you arrive. Me being your son does not exempt you from this. I understand that maybe you were trying to surprise me for my birthday but this was not the way to go about it.” You gotta remember, they arent the wronged party here, you and your boyfriend are. You should be able to bang in your place with the reasonable expectation of privacy. Guests, even family, should knock.

  3. You seem to indicate so clear that you know he cares about you but I’m not clear on how you came to that conclusion. I think you should live your life and not be pressed on this one dude. You are in college, look around and open your eyes to all the possibilities.

  4. Not everyone cares about gift-giving the same, not everyone is great at gift-giving.

    Have you and your gf ever discussed gifts and budgets? Have you looked into the five love languages?

  5. I love my daughter

    No you don’t, no one that’s capable of love would torture a child like that.

    I’d like to hope this is just bait but I grew up in the care system with kids that had psychotic abusive parents that did things as awful as you detailed.

    You permanently damaged a human because you’re abusive and neglectful, leave her alone and forget about ever healing that relationship because she should stay far far away from you for her own sanity.

  6. All the more reason why your bf may be extremely bothered. Hockey is already competitive enough. And locker room shit talking can be pretty brutal.

    Your bf should look into switching his hockey team if he plays in a league or maybe get a different sport to play (lacrosse is pretty similar to hockey)

  7. I mean some couples move in quicker, some move in later. There shouldn’t be a timeline out on something like that. I think you should talk to him about what he wants in his future. Do either of you want kids, marriage, etc. ?

  8. Are you kidding me? You think it's normal for someone to love their pet more than their partner? That's just absurd. And don't even get me started on the turtle. You don't know him like I do. He's always looking at me, like he's plotting something.

  9. She already had one. He got her kicked out of it. She found a new 1. And he's angry about this, why? Was she supposed to move in with his brother's family, too? Ohh “It makes him feel inadequate.” That's because he IS. Ick yuck boo nope run

  10. Oh I think she is 100% lying about being pregnant but I’m not quick to call someone a rapist without some more facts. For all we know he wasn’t as drunk as he claims, she was drunk too, or hell she could have climbed naked in the bed after he passed out to claim she is pregnant later just to magically have a miscarriage. I don’t like throwing SA and r@pe around without more details. He didn’t immediately go talk to his gf afterwards. He hid what happened and lied about it and then dumped her to save his own ass. So no I’m not on his side with this one and will question his “truths”. He immediately went it to cover up mode not tell my gf what happened mode.

  11. I personally don’t agree with the comments saying it’s a learned behaviour from childhood, I mean it could be for all I know but personally I have a similar experience and it’s due to when the anxiety gets severe. Can’t eat, stomach is uneasy, etc and stems from abandonment issues. The anxiety of feeling like every conflict is more than momentary and could cause relationship breakdown is high enough to cause stomach issues.

    For me it’s never been a ‘hey this will get me attention’ it’s a ‘I’m full of anxiety that I’m going to lose this person and I don’t know/my body doesn’t know how to handle/channel it’

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