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Date: September 25, 2022

9 thoughts on “Kaya19 live webcams for YOU!

  1. I think as you get older it matters less. Especially when you hit 30 it seems less of a “20 year old girl, 40 year old man” thing.

    for example, if you were 40 and he was 55 people probably wouldn't think twice.

  2. Look at it logically. Do you honestly think its normal for people to be this needy and wanting for someone, even in an argument? This is not normal behavior.

    It sounds like it could be hyper-sexuality. You might wanna look into that.

  3. I’m showing that there is porn that people (even people who like porn) are not okay with and that DOESNT make you controlling or insecure

  4. He is taking you, your family, and his current situation for granted ? He is in a unique position to get work, even part time, figure out an educational path and begin one (be it trade school or traditional uni) and be grateful for his position. He sounds spoiled but also kinda lost. He needs to figure out what kind of life he wants and go for it, and if this is the life he wants (being a “kept” man) is it what you want to provide? He is 26, he needs to get it together.

  5. I’m so sorry. It sounds like you’ve done everything to help him. You know this, but I’ll repeat: You cannot change him or control what he does/doesn’t do, even if you know the source or reasoning.

    All I can recommend is individual therapy for yourself and NarcAnon. At this point you made it clear you are a support for him, but he has to do the work and it sounds like he doesn’t even want to do the work at this point. Until then you’re along for the ride whatever that looks like until you take control over what you can control (not him or his addiction).

    I’m so so sorry that you both are going through this ?

  6. Yeah, this relationship isn't going to be fun if he carries on, this woman is majorly controlling, I'd both love and hate to see these 2 a year from now.

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