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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. You need to tell him so at least he knows he has a child ,You can also ask for child support and if he doesn't want to be in the baby's life that's on him and if so file for full custody and focus on yourself and your baby

    Question when did they announce they're engaged and married it may line up with the dates y'all hooked up

  2. You can tell her the truth without showing her the scars. And if you can’t trust her enough with your story after 2 years then this relationship is probably not the right one for you.

    I’m so sorry about your childhood. It’s so unfair. I hope you’re doing better and that you can find joy and love again soon. No one deserves to be treated like that.

  3. I think that's a little condescending, I mean if I lived on my own, of course I would do that myself, however one person will not make that much mess, and it would be easy for me to fit that in around my work schedule and would not take long at all and would not be burnt out. I also would not need a nanny for when our kids were with me, It's not like I was absent during their upbringing.

    If I had 6-8 hours a day spare and didn't work, I could get all of the housework done myself. But I don't.

  4. Sigh. I knew reddit would be paranoid, but Jesus.

    Explain your reasoning. I've received several pictures of the same–fairly average, so unlikely to be catfishing–guy doing things he said he would be doing. Like, he bought a Halloween costume, then sent a snap of himself wearing that costume. He's sent me explicit pictures containing a sex toy after we went through the process of buying one. He has nothing to gain from catfishing me anyway, since I'm broke. He's never asked for money or identifying info and has in fact spent a little money because of me. And he's not “perfect” either since we have a couple things we significantly disagree on and it's caused some arguments.

  5. yeah idk Im down to wait and see if she ever changes her mind

    You're still not getting it. Whatever you put her through when you two were together burned her to the point where she is not willing to try again with you. Understand? You aren't automatically owed a second chance just because you really want one, and I suspect that if you were honest with yourself you'd admit that you've probably had more than a few second chances with her already. One too many, apparently. She's done now and that gets to be her call.

    You're incredibly damn lucky that you were able to coparent with her at all, and even rebuild some friendship. That's huge for your son. And yet you're willing to risk fucking all that up just for the chance to talk her in to getting back into a situation that you already fucked up once?

    Seriously, take a step back and think about what's best for your son and your ex instead of what YOU want for five minutes and ask yourself honestly if they're both better off with things the way they are right now, or if they'd be better off in a situation like the one you used to have?

  6. Info: did she say why she gave you $5,000? What the other person commented is amazing. Btw your girlfriend sound’s like an amazing person to give you that much money.

  7. phone buzzed, it was a message from his girlfriend, so I opened it (wrongly)

    Yeah, don't be doing that (at least not unless the person who's phone it is quite explicitly tells you they're totally fine with you doing that).

    “did she invite us both?” And she said no

    Uhm, … the lying is an issue … but that's not exactly what you asked. But now you've also put yourself in the difficult position where you know only because you peeked where you shouldn't have.

    asked her if she was sure and she's made it pretty adamant l'm not invited.

    And she doubles down on the lie – yeah, that's an issue – but again not what you asked.

    should I read into this or

    Don't presume. Yes, she lied. That may or may not be because she doesn't want you there. Maybe she hates her brother's fiance and doesn't want to give her the privilege of having you present at her wedding. Dear knows why, but that's just one of many possible reasons she lied and told you you're not invited.

    And … want to know? Well, how 'bout tell her you know you were invited, and how it is that you know that, and ask her why she told you you're not invited.

    What do you think and how do I handle this?

    You know your girlfriend way better than I do, so you should figure out how to best handle it, and what's best for your relationship, etc. … and how you may deal with the matter going forward too – as it may come up again. E.g. you see your girlfriend's brother and/or his fiance–>wife sometime after the wedding (or even their family), and one of them asks you why you didn't come to the wedding or remarks about your having been invited and not having come – you and your girlfriend ought be on the same page regarding that … but she lied to you, and you haven't told her you know that – so unless she cleans that up and tells you the truth, it may get a bit messy – or at least awkward – at best. In general, if she's lying to you, you really ought get that addressed and figured out … needn't be immediate, but if there's some general pattern/practice there, there may be significant issue(s) going on there with your girlfriend.

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