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Date: September 29, 2022

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  1. Two consenting adults can do whatever they want together if it's not harming someone.

    I would say that maybe he has liked her and is upset she's into you and not him.

    There's nothing you can do about how he feels about this, but he lacks emotional maturity to handle the situation.

    Just know that continuing may damage your relationship with your roommate. I don't think that you're in the wrong to pursue this interest, it will just have consequences with your relationship with him.

  2. It’s totally okay to be scared. Try not to see your 7 year old self in your children. Don’t think of it as history repeating itself. Instead realize that because you’ve lived through the experience, if or when the divorce happens, you know how to help/shield your children from the things you went through at that age. From what I’ve read, you’re a good an involved father and I’m sure you’ll be able to well by your kids. I wish you good luck OP!

  3. I know for me, I’ll be upset until we finish/communicate our perspectives of the argument. My biggest pet peeve is acting like nothing happened bc that was how my family operated growing up. You’d get the shit kicked out of you and then my mom would be like “I made dinner— oh you’re still crying?? We can give you something to cry about.” And that was if it even got brought up at all. So my relationships now, I am very much “we will finish what get started or it’s gonna fuck up how I look at you until it’s resolved.” But your edit paragraph makes me say, you aren’t compatible at all. You want kids and marriage? He doesn’t? That’s like relationships 101. My cousin was married for 7 months bc of this exact problem… shit like that doesn’t change. You wont change his mind, nor he yours without someone feeling jipped out. He always wants to fuck other people and has expressed this to you…? Yeaaahhhh def focus on yourself. That’s a man for the streets.

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