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Date: September 27, 2022

21 thoughts on “Angiemcqueen live webcams for YOU!

  1. Blow her out of the water. Nice guys? Will she thinks they get shit upon like her boyfriend. Is she a clone of your girl friend? I’d be contacting that boyfriend immediately and laying out the whole story.

  2. It's worth noting that your gf does absolutely have autonomy in what she does. She would not be 'wrong' in her opinion, but it is an incompatibility that you'll both have have to reckon with, compromise on, or decide to go different ways.

  3. Girl. My sister straight up took her kids away from her abusive ex one day. He tried to find them for years and has failed. It's literally been like, 10+ years. You can do it. Get your ducks in a row and go into hiding with them if you have to!

  4. So you want to leave this man because he is honest and you are not? Ok… he's probably better off without you tbh

  5. Well yeah, can yu maybe ask her to see ther messages? Admit you ask that, because you are insecure about their relation and you feel like hse doesn't care about your concerns and spend more time contacting him than you.

    Keep in mind she might refuse, but if she does that after you explain her why you do it and insist on seeing them then you know what's up. If she takes time to delete messages then likewise assume the worst.

    You are 19 and only 4 months in. It's very likely she isn't treating your relationship particularly seriously. Of course you don't have like it, but keep in mind if you are incompatible or if she feels like playing 2 people at once the only thing you can do is break up with her or suck it up.

  6. Also been asked things that wouldve correlated to times of the previous relationship that I've answered to, unknowingly adding to what gets thought and pictured by.

  7. Your husband's attitude is just trash. I'd start preparing to move on, he's no husband. A husband is someone who loves and cares for you, not mocks you and makes you feel like a fool.

  8. I see it two ways. One, you stay and continue to piss and moan and be miserable complaining about how your life is ruined and you have no control or…

    You talk to a lawyer about how custody could be arranged and at least have a chance at not being miserable. Path one you know is gonna be dogshit. Path too? Well, you don't know, but the outcomes there could be waaay more promising than they are now.

  9. They're using autism as an excuse to be a bad friend. The reality is that they enjoy dragging you down. Even if they truly had zero idea why shutting you down every time you spoke about something you cared about might be hurtful, you told them it's hurtful and that's enough reason for them to stop doing it — yet they refuse. I'm guessing they want to have control over every situation and conversation and do not respect you at all.

    My advice? Slowly cut contact with this person. If they notice and ask why, tell them and don't acknowledge any protestations. Just repeat that you have communicated multiple times that you do not like being spoken to this way, and since they are unable or unwilling to change, you are ending the friendship for your own sake.

    I suppose you could also just start reacting to everything they say in kind: “that's stupid” “that's pointless to be interested in” “no one is ever going to take you seriously if you continue to talk about pretty privilege and apply it to things like houseplants” etc. These would be genuine and honest responses, and they seem to be telling you that they have no idea why unfiltered honesty can be bad and that this is the first time anyone has had a problem with it in 18 years. But I don't recommend this. I recommend that you not feed any more of your energy to this type of person.

  10. Also together, monogamous for 30 years, married 28 of them. Very happy. I agree with everything the other guy said. I'd get out now and spare yourself the pain. Find someone who shares your values.

  11. And he’d be the type who when caught cheating would try to convince you he tripped and fell and landed penis first in the vagina….

  12. Just have security. If he shows up inappropriately dressed or behaves inappropriately, have him escorted out immediately.

    The fact that the sister puts up with this is a giant question mark. This guy sounds like a huge asshole.

  13. Does it matter?? The ultimate outcome if that he cheated. Does tmatterbfi this was the first time or ig he had done it before. Knowing that information won't change the fact that he cheated. So break up and move on.

  14. How does one read the entire story, see “lose” spelled correctly in the story, then go on to misspell it in their reply.

  15. OP doesn't want to dump her jesus.. people just walk face first into abusive relationships these days it's so sad.

    He's gonna eventually get so numbed out to her tantrums he's gonna start thinking her behavior is common place.

    As a teacher i am honestly very concerned this person wants to work with kids. Lord help those little ones.

  16. Make him go on the roof and make animal noises, specifically ofbthe howling monkey of Ecuador. This will help your anxiety and make you belive that you are in the Amazonian rain forest and allow you to defecate with reckless abandon.

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