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  1. Write him an extremely heartfelt letter via Christmas telling him how much you care about him and are proud to have him as a son. Once he's finished reading it, tell him that you'd love to have him call you “dad,” but there's no obligation and he can keep calling you [name] instead if he prefers.

    Don't mention overhearing him, just write him a message from the heart.

  2. We're going through the same problem but not the same scenario on how we ended up being so insecure. I've got an abusive manipulative ex, too. And being with my current bf(despite him being so kind and lovable, we're LDR rn) I dont have the guts to open up about sexual stuff because im too insecure, my whole self-esteem, and self-confidence is at rock bottom. Seeing so many beautiful and wonderful girls on soc med and also pics of his exes that I saw, I feel even more disgusted with how I look. I also have stretchmarks, dark spots, scars, etc. That makes me sick to my stomach whenever I compare myself to them because all I think about is how come I'm not like them.

    Truthfully speaking, I would also like some advice and how to remove these kind of thoughts in my brain.

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  4. “Everyone” is on the autistic spectrum nowadays because our understanding of what ASD is has improved and this has led to better diagnosis rates. This is alongside a more general societal acceptance of neuro-diversity, it's much less of a taboo than it used to be.

    There's a saying, if you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person. Autism is a broad spectrum of traits, and people can display some, just one, all of them and anything in between.

    Does this explain some of her callous behaviour, maybe. Does this still make her an insufferable bitch, maybe. She's definitely not masking and being a people pleaser, which is what a lot of women with ASD end up doing. I think there's just a fundamental incompatibility with what OP needs from a partner in terms of reassurance and support, and what his current partner can give.

  5. Anyone that is happy putting their sexual desires and satisfaction before someone elses health and wellbeing are disgusting humans in my book. Like seriously? He would rather put you through something that you dont want to do, guilt you over it, constantly put pressure on you to do something you dont want and you're still trying to find a way to be comfortable with it?

    Just no.

    I'm so sorry but anal can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. It's not like having a poo or anything, it hurts and there is a huge amount of pressure in your bottom that makes it extremely uncomfortable. He would rather put himself first than you, and you're the only one that will have to mentally and physically prepare for this sexual act, while he can just sit back and enjoy it? This whole post has boiled my piss.

    Any human being that is willing to put “someone they love” through an uncomfortable situation just so they can cum, is absolute scum.

  6. Go to either the police or a lawyer and find out your options for being cyber stalked

    You need a restraining order against him before it escalates any further

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