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Date: September 24, 2022
Actors: Gigi Atlanta

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  1. i see. you have come to a cross roads. im sorry but you either have to be confrontational or else you will continue to just be walked over.

    7 years is a long time but this is not you “switching” up the relationship or whatever. this is you having sincere feelings that are really bothering you that NEED to be attended too.

    as much as your MIL has feelings, you do too.

  2. Tbh … this sounds a but like the beginning of a long list of things that your BF does, which annoys you. I was with you on the clothes but now it's the time of day (or night) he showers? Come on dude. So your going to ask him to completely change the way he views showering and dressing and then what will be next? How he sleeps? The way he talks, how he walks? It does sound like you may have Mysophobia though as all this seems to revolve around germs.

  3. Here's the thing. Life is super hard already. It's hard enough without you forcing it to be even harder.

    Having a partner in life is supposed to make things easier. You're supposed to share the load and lean on each other for support.

    Some day you'll be making enough money that you can work and she can be a SAHM, the way you guys want. (I saw you say that in a comment.)

    But until then, there's no need to play life on hard mode. Split the bills. Both of you need the build the life you want together. It won't get handed to you, you need to work towards it. You know the goal you both want. If you're both happy and balancing the stress, sharing the responsibility, you'll achieve that goal faster.

    Start small. Start with letting her pay maybe once for every 2 times you pay. Let her take care of the internet bill and maybe car payments or something else small. That way you'll both be contributing to the life you want, and when you finally get there, you'll feel like you did it together like a true partnership.

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