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Date: October 2, 2022

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  1. You shouldn't ask. You should start working out, don't even invite her. She may eventually want to come with you or just start doing it herself because you are. Regardless, she would benefit from you working out.

  2. You might want to give it till after the post-partum period to make any decisions. Things that look crystal clear right now, may appear completely different in another 6 months or a year. While what you are describing is untenable in a healthy relationship, you gotta give this time and lots of open discussions. Try therapy, give one another the chance to really met out the emotions being felt and see where you land after some time. Just walking away is an option, but it should be the last one when it comes to bringing a child into the world.

  3. Oh no I read everything and I get the impression that you want to show off what a great guy you are.

    Do you know what it usually means to “accommodate” when breaking up with someone who lives with you? YOU offer to move, not them. Since you prob can't, you should AT LEAST pay for a motel, a cheap shared room etc whatever available, for the first time.

    Who can stay in the apartment of the person who broke up with them, even though you were perfect and gave your best AND played the nurse/ caretaker for all the time?! There is no other way you could “accommodate”, so don't try to talk yourself out with that

  4. Why would he allow this journal to be added to the attic collection? A journal like that isnt something you want falling into the wrong hands.

    And have you considered that if he has to write this out ten years after the fact that he has some guilt and trauma over this himself? Perhaps he has tried to become a better person and atone for his actions? Who is to say that the criminal justice system would have done a better job of punishing and rehabilitating him? Surely its worth talking to him since this can destroy your family on top of the poor girl's life that twenty-five or thirty years ago?

    I'm not saying you should not divorce him, but shouldnt you at least allow him a trial in your own mind?

  5. Sounds like all they need to do is not put hands on you? Surely that’s not too much to ask? I understand if they want to get a hotel instead of staying with you, that might be a little tense. But if your dad can’t get though a meal without striking you…??‍♀️?

    What your husband did is fuckin wild and I can’t quite condone it… your dad is the only one who seems to resort to violence unprovoked. What really happened is that your dad got put in his fucking place and has his tail between his legs. He’s pissed off bc now he knows he can’t treat you any way he likes. So, your parents can come see their daughter if they like. I would under no circumstances go to them.

  6. Honestly this all sounds very shady. 1. How do you know you actually slept with her 2. How did you consent to any activity if you were that drunk … hell how did you even get it up that drunk?! 3. How are you sure any child was yours!

    No offence to your friends sister but it’s possible she slept with someone else and snuck into bed with you because she knew you were a good guy and would step up. These things CAN happen so I would ensure you get all your facts before being too hard on yourself.

    Lastly I wouldn’t be putting yourself in any more situation where you are drunk enough to not remember the night. Do you recall actually drinking that much? If so I cut back! Also if you are going to leave this girl be prepared to also loose your best friend.

  7. Jesus Christ. I’m so sorry. That would have killed me, especially as young as you are.

    Idk how invested you are in this relationship but I wouldn’t be able to deal with it.

    There is NOTHING WRONG with how your vagina looks.

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