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Date: September 30, 2022

6 thoughts on “Alice-fox26 live webcams for YOU!

  1. I might say yes and then no later. I would give her the benefit of the doubt this time and have open communication

  2. Ma’am? Your boyfriend doesn’t like you.

    You don’t spend time together on the weekends and he told you that if you showed up at a party he was planning to go to, he wouldn’t go. You don’t see each other on the weekends, and he doesn’t want you around his friends, what exactly does this relationship consist of?

    What do you do together socially? Do you go out to the movies, do you go out to dinner, do you go for walks, do you play sports together? When does this person act as though he’s your boyfriend because we know it’s not on the weekends.

  3. Oh it’s simple

    This commenter doesn’t like horse girls, therefore they’ve decided that instead of being helpful, relevant, etc they’re going to get emotional and post a snide comment instead of advice.

  4. I think this is probably at the heart of the issue. I think I have some really problematic and unhelpful beliefs on how men basically only care about what a woman looks like and lust after attractive women. Probably the result of growing up in a deeply misogynistic society lol. But either way I need to change these beliefs

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