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Date: September 24, 2022

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  1. How would not marrying him put you in physical harm?

    Speak to a lawyer. One who can counsel you on specifics of having kids, buying a house and finances when not married (do your research on a lawyer, don't just pick AAAAA Lawyer because they come up first in a search).

  2. That's what happens when everyone finds out your a self centered careless fake friend. Nobody trusts you after that. Can you really blame them since you did that to a long time friend of yours?

  3. Actually you're very mature you've chosen to forgive but not forget which is the best thing for your mental health you do not need friends like that in your life and your ex just wants to use you to make him jealous better off outta it block em both

  4. From what you’re saying, I think it’s safe to say she didn’t tell you about these guys on purpose. Why she didn’t tell you is anyone’s guess. Talk to her when she gets back, but I would be ready to break up if I were you.

  5. Try to get texts from him confirming that he sold items. This will be evidence in court. Also, if your name is on the lease, contact the landlord. There is a good chance he won't pay rent and you dont want eviction on your record

  6. Wait a minute, you only work a few hours more a week and she’s stuck doing 90% of the household chores? Is that right?

  7. If he’s been accusing you of cheating for 2 years now then you know how long he’s been waiting to cheat on you. People who are cheating think they see that behaviour in their partners because that’s all they think about.

    So he goes through your phone and diary (the diary against your wishes) to make sure you’re not talking with anyone else and doesn’t really want you to be interested in anyone else, but he wants to fuck anyone he wants and also requires you against your own feelings to engage with the people he’s talking to even though he knows you are an introvert and don’t enjoy any part of that arrangement.

    What are you even still doing with him? He has NO trust for you and wants to be out enjoying other people. He’s stomping on your boundaries left and right, making double standards for your arrangement, and giving you zero privacy while not offering up his own.

    He doesn’t really care what you want in this scenario, he sounds like he only really cares about his enjoyment of anything.

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