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Date: September 27, 2022

12 thoughts on “Pretty-babes live webcams for YOU!

  1. I’m not sure I know a rational male who wouldn’t see this as a giant compliment and be proud for days. This is an odd narrative from OP.

  2. Second this. Wife’s stonewalling isn’t right and her ultimatum is unfair but there has to be more to it. This sounds very much like the classic situation that broke the camels back.

    OP the only thing what will resolve this and other issues from repeating is talking. I personally wouldn’t leave (why does she get to dictate you leave?) and stand your ground on talking about this and your relationship in general. A marriage counsellor could def help here.

  3. You didn’t have to. You’ll find most furries are minors, and you attributed you comment to all furries, which includes the minor furries.

    You don’t think a hobby involving inventing an anthropomorphic animal who may or may not be funny colors and have cool names wouldn’t be mainly children? Jesus christ

  4. OP just.. fuck you man. People like you are the worst kind of people. I hope to god this is a troll post because if it isn't you are a giant piece of shit not worth their generosity. Seriously just.. look at yourself.

  5. Firstly , you are certainly not the issue he is.

    Something isnt right here . Personally I’m not convinced it’s simply about labels . Even though he may be socially awkward , I think theres more to this .

    Im not accusing him of anything I’m just saying that if someone wants more of you , a considerate person would acknowledge the interest and not bite back.

    I have a feeling because of what you may feel , you might be a little blinded. I’d be interested in wha besties think

  6. Your husband's behaviour definitely sounds worryingly toxic – short of them having some major shopping addiction problem that's putting you both into debt, you should leave your partner alone to buy whatever they they feel is necessary.

  7. She sounds unhinged and jealous, which is a really terrible combination and could lead to some…unpleasantness

  8. he keeps cheating on you because you are ok with it. by staying with him again and again, you are clearly communicating that this is something you will tolerate in your relationship

  9. Your dry sarcasm is immature. You're incapable of understanding that other people are allowed to process and see things differently than you.

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