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Date: September 27, 2022

13 thoughts on “Mylittledolls live webcams for YOU!

  1. Your poor boyfriend is probably so in love with you meanwhile you only started dating him for cheap weed, seriously? It seems like you were just waiting around for another „better“ option

  2. Well I aint gonna jump into whether or not she cheated and regrets it or whatever. Just saying if my partner was assaulted and didn’t press charges, it just wouldn’t sit right with me.

  3. I believe thats a common knowledge, I already told him I did not want to have sex. I was shitfaced drunk. My friends were as drunk as me. I am not blaming anyone.

  4. I’ll put money on her being annoyed with the friends for maybe ambushing her with a potential setup and she acted out rudely to OP to try and shut down further setup attempts. OP may have just gotten caught in the crossfire.

    Obviously wild speculation but I’ve heard of similar scenarios.

  5. Very well said and I mostly agree with you. To have your kids CHOOSE to be around someone who ruined your life (at least it feels that way) is incredibly painful. Been there.

    She may not intend to punish her son, but he's hurting. I hope she can find her way and know that her worth isn't tied to what was done to her.

  6. INFO: do you have more than one toilet in the house?

    If so, he gets one – ONE – and the rest of the fam gets the other/s. We’ll see how much he loves his stewing technique when he’s the one who actually has to deal with the consequences.

    OP, also, someone needs to tell your husband that a difference of opinion is not disrespect – and that, even if it WAS, it’s his (and everyone’s) right to have stupid opinions that everyone needs to respect, not the stupid opinions themselves.

  7. From the end of “How To Keep House While Drowning,” it doesn't matter who works harder. That argument only leads to fighting. Instead, you can think of it in terms of downtime. Both partners are deserving of rest. Not sleep, but emotional and mental rest doing something you choose to do.

    When do you get the opportunity to put your feet up for an hour or two and clear your mind of everything that needs to be done?

  8. This is not a crush, it is a mental obsession. He is basically living a double life behind your back. You need to confront him about this.

  9. I do actually but not close with any of them like my boys especially if she’s in a relationship

  10. I'm not saying you have to continue the relationship, I'm saying don't make it into some moral issue or issue of self respect.

    I respect myself by allowing myself to indulge in life's pleasures, some respect themselves by abstaining from pleasures I guess, neither is better, just personal preference.

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