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Date: September 25, 2022

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  1. Her response is weird. She's not the one. I'm sorry for all the shit u had to endure. It's ok that u decided not to b with your dad , and it's normal to hv conflicting feelings. I would focus on the fact that he's gone.it truly is now YOUR time. Get therapy, or not, that's up yo you. You just focus on the fact that now u can start creating new healthy memories for yourself.

  2. Yeah maybe my tone was off when I called him that but there have been times he has called my behaviour disgusting as well

  3. The first year of dating is the honeymoon period when you’re both focused on each other and can’t get enough time together. She spent it doing all this….cheating on you multiple times… If she strayed that early on and never said anything, what about now? And she shared such intimate details about you… and not in the way of trying to ask for advice, she was mocking you. Dude I think you know what to do but if you need validation and support, break up. You deserve better.

  4. It sounds like your fiance is one of the people that looks the other way and ends up enabling his behavior. Why are her parents even involved in this? It's not their wedding. It's not their choice who gets to stay and who doesn't if they aren't following dress code.

    You and your fiance are overcomplicating this, and the stress you're experiencing form this is probably part of BIL's “prank”. I would tell him bluntly that if he shows up in a clown suit, he will be asked to leave. That's it. Repeat as necessary.

  5. Again it has nothing to do with them being in the friend zone they are both already friends. U literally have no faith in ur boyfriend so why not just dump him? Since ur 100% sure he doesn't want u at all, and wants her?

  6. Go to Japan. Seriously. Actions speak louder than words. She doesn’t value you enough to take some of her vacation days to spend time with you when you are going to visit her. Go to Japan.

  7. She made a choice to cheat. And she does know why and now only suffering the consequences of it and trying to move on.

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