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Date: September 26, 2022

11 thoughts on “Tati live webcams for YOU!

  1. Some people are more into things they can’t have like some random online person then you who he basically can have whenever .

  2. The issue is that your niceness exists only as long as the women have something you want. The moment you feel your affections aren’t adequately being rewarded/reciprocated, you drop the niceness. That’s a poor foundation for a relationship.

    I know “go to therapy” gets thrown around a lot, but this really sounds like something you should talk to a professional about.

  3. I love this take. My son just asked me how many boyfriends I’ve had. He’s very young and just starting to question things so I didn’t go into any sort of depth with my answer but it got me thinking about the two very serious relationships I had before his father. I had a whole life planned out with each of them but I could not be more different than the women they married. My family could not be more different than the families they built.

    This is not something that I have or ever will tell my guy but both of those men gave me butterflies constantly but he didn’t at first. I was incredibly attracted to him but I just never got that feeling until about a year into our relationship when we lived on opposite sides of the country for a bit. Even without the butterflies I was completely committed to him as a person and I never really even thought about anyone from my past but if I had let that (lack of) feeling direct my choices I would have lost the chance to fall in love with my best friend.

  4. I'm sorry you are going through that, it really sucks.

    Its nothing wrong with either one of you, some people are just incompatible that way. That's kind of the point of dating, to figure that stuff out before you are legally stuck with each other. The good news is that not all guys have very high sex drives, and now you know to discuss that pretty early on in the relationship.

  5. Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary? This is the criteria

    Your boyfriend is being unkind, insensitive and TBH, a jerk.

    This isn’t the kind of man I would want any of my friends to be in a relationship with

  6. I think it is the former. But he says that he’s become an angry person because of me, so I think he wants to move on without me and drill the fact that it’s my fault he’s become this with the sight of the mess so he doesn’t forgive and forget.

    If it is true that he’s because of me, then I think he’s better off without me. But that hurts so much to say. It’s selfish but I can’t tear myself away from the person I love.

    The fight today was because he didn’t want me to go to the park with my friend and I got upset. But he says I made him a jealous and controlling person. I just want to go back in time to this morning and tell my friend I can’t go then everything would be fine. Sorry for rambling to you. Everything is hurting me so much

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