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Date: October 3, 2022

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  1. Yes to this!! I totally get it in some conversations, people get excited and want to join in etc. I do it as well sometimes, but typically I let someone at least get their thought out. If I interrupt and feel like I didn't hear their whole though, I apologize and circle back and ask them to keep going.

    Then again I am a massive over thinker, always think about stuff before I say it, constantly wonder how I would feel if I was in their shoes, etc. Maybe I do it because it happens to me so much I know how it feels and I try to prevent that? I'm also a good listener and I LOVE hearing people talk about things they're excited about. So I always listen, ask questions, you know.. engage in the convo. However it's like his brain short circuits when I start talking and he just goes into his own world. He never remembers anything I say, ever, about anything. Plans, my day, stuff that happened, events coming up, things I am excited about etc.

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