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  1. Comment is a bit aggressive, but you’re right. Plan B is NOT birth control- plan B is accident control, and doing it raw and taking it consistently is not an accident. Also from what I know about plan B, wouldn’t that make your cycles far worse??? What is your logic here girl, please for the love of god use a condom at least. Also if you take oral birth control it should make your cycle usually line up exactly with you pill pack, and should also lighten you period. Probably cheaper than plan B too.

  2. “I didn’t mean to have sex with her; I was worried about Tommy because I’m a good person, but I got so worried I got really hot and sweaty so I took off all my nice clothes. Then I noticed someone has spilt some water and I went to clean it up and accidentally slipped into that prostitutes vagina. I apologized and just felt so bad because I could tell she was struggling. So I decided to do what Jesus would do and I went to the atm and gave her $1,000. You see babe, I’m actually a really good guy.”

  3. “Hey, if it seems like I’ve been avoiding coming to your place, I have. It’s because honestly, it smells horrible because of your cat. I’m sure you’re used to it by now, but trust me, it’s horrific. If I’m going to spend time there, you need to figure out how to clean it up and stop it in the first place.”

    It’s time to be direct.

  4. This is not going to end well for you or the kitten.

    Of course, you're in denial because “you LOOOOOVE him”

    will you love him when he kills the kitten? how about when he kicks YOU down the stairs?

  5. Lol we can be our own worst enemies. Let me help you. Close your eyes and take a deep breath and re read your very first paragraph and stop their. Now my next question have you ever decide to ask her why does she like you? If you have ask that question already and she has told you why write down the things and read it out loud to yourself because now you are telling yourself why she loves you. And now this biggest step is learn to communicate with her If you want to ever want to be in a successful relationship you have to learn how to communicate. Your worst enemy will always be yourself never let him win it will always be a constant fight but once you get confident in yourself that self doubt in your head will slowly disappear.

  6. This sounds like harassment at best, and rape at worst, OP. If you say no, he tries anyway, and then gets mad that you push him away and enforce your boundaries, you are in the wrong relationship. Your disgusting fiance needs either therapy, jail, or both, and you deserve much better.

    Typically, when someone has to begin their post by qualifying that the person they're complaining about is really a good person, they're usually not a good person.

    Run. Fast.

  7. I mean if I wasn’t sure I wanted to marry someone, regardless of their “love language” I wouldn’t be comfortable giving them a promise ring

  8. Does he give you a reason for wanting this agreement now, after saying that he didn't want an agreement earlier?

  9. What has been her reasoning for not being comfortable with the friendship?

    You stated there are periods where you and your friend talk all the time. That kind of emotional intimacy depending on the level can be problematic to a relationship.

    How does she feel about you having female friendship in general?

    If I were you I’d work really hard to figure out what the root issue is and trying to find a compromise. You lied about something huge. This is the mother of your child, I understand principle but I do find it weird how willing you are to throw a deep relationship w/ a kid for a friendship.

  10. this is such a small issue that it definitely isnt worth leaving the relationship. i came here to seek ways to make things better, not just get validation to leave. im only angst about it because i guess i overthink. and im just an anxious mess most of the time. i know we'll sort things out, because we always do. i just feel stuck in my own head and i thought internet strangers would remedy that.

  11. Oh my bad i understood that diff.

    He thinks you are masculine and want to dominate the relationship

  12. OP,

    You need time away from the children. Work + Childcare = Stress

    Even though he doesn't work from home. Work + childcare = Stress.

    For the both of you Work + Childcare + no alone time together = Marriage in trouble.

    When you went for golf lessons, that made him take care of the children by himself with probably got even more stressful for him. So he did what you did and picked up a hobby. The lack of communication from each or one sided will be the downfall of the marriage. You need some MC and be able to talk about these issues. If one side doesn't listen or won't open your marriage is going to fail, because one will resent the other.

    How bout asking the in-laws about taking the children for like an hour and go do something together? Talk to them about needed this closeness, that I am sure you both have been lacking. Or hire a baby sitter for a couple of hours. I believe you different work schedules, stress and everything is just taking its toll on the both of you and not being able to communicate each others needs and wants is horrible.

    I am sorry that the both of you are going through something like this. I wish you two the best of luck and come to some sort of agreement.

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