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Date: September 27, 2022

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  1. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Mandatory English isn't my first language but I live in the US.

    My partner (not married) is generally considered “rich”. He's a good person, with a good career, and is a good caretaker. He loves and helps his family any way he can, he's a good father, even a good ex husband (to his ex wife). We met when he was going through some dark times, I helped him get through many things, and overcome some dark behaviors.

    For this reason, he feels thankful to me, he spoils me, not only with love but with things. For instance, I had a really bad accident so he bought me a 6 figure car which I didn't ask for, but he did it anyway. He takes me on trips 3 times a year, one with his family, one with friends and one just the two of us. He spends money on cars, technology, and travels. But that's about it, we don't go to fancy places, we don't buy expensive jewelery or wear designer clothes.

    This is where my problem starts, my mom suddenly stopped working and asked me to pay for her car while she looked for a job. This was 2 years ago, she stopped working and I'm stuck with her car note. My siblings expect me to pay for their kids parties because “I can afford it” because my partner is “rich”. My friend and I went to a concert and I paid for the tickets and she was supposed to V e nmo me for her ticket but she didn't because “I don't need the money”. During a house party, some friends asked me to buy the “good liquor” just because I can and got upset when I didn't. Siblings expect me to pay when we go out to eat, and don't even offer to pay. They tell me what they want for Christmas, things that I don't even have like an LV bag. And the things I need to buy for my nieces and nephews for Christmas (expensive things).

    How can I tell everyone to just stop expecting me to use my partner's money to buy them stuff? As I said before, we're actually very frugal when it comes to everything else.

  2. I’m sorry if she said this to you, I think people have no filters sometimes. I would sit her down and talk to her about it and tell her it’s not really appropriate to say things to you like that unless she has a specific example she’s trying to make. It’s unfair and it’s hurtful and a diminishes your relationship with her I don’t think people realize because they’re so self-centered that they think they get to say whatever they want they never think about how it sounds.

  3. Nope bounce. he struck you in anger. zero tolerance zero excuse. However as far as hurting the baby that is on you. Never grab the kid in the middle of an argument. He was in the process of pushing you out the door and you decided to put the baby in between you too when he was in a blind rage. That doesnt excuse what he did but thats like putting your kid in a backyard to play where you know theres a mean dog running around too.

  4. Don't be scared.. Every woman I know who has divorced and went on their own has been happier single.

    And I would talk to a councilor on how best to navigate this situation with your daughters. One one hand, I know you don't want to tarnish their relationship with him.. you didn't do that, that's on him. Second.. if your daughters were in your positions.. what would you advise them to do? How would you feel if they came to you? What example will you choose to be? I don't think there is a “right answer” I've seen women fight for their marriage after infidelity and rebuild a stronger marriage after, and I've seen women strike out on their own and thrive in ways they never dreamed possible. If he is willing to work on counseling, I personally would give it a shot, because even if it doesn't work out, counseling will give you two some tools and skills to navigate separation and coparenting. I just don't see a down side to counseling.. it either becomes the key to saving and building a stronger marriage, or the tool to help you both move on.

  5. Not just 0 sex drive. Lack of affection was part of what he said about breaking up. Sounds more like friends hanging out at that point.

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