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Date: September 26, 2022

13 thoughts on “Rachelquinn live webcams for YOU!

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  2. You should save them for yourself my man. The life you're setting yourself up for is one where you can't be human with your woman because of some shit you read online. ls that even a partnership or are you just their daddy?

  3. Yeah, I commented on this right after it was posted and just came back and read all the new ones. Poor OP. Nothing she said is really all that weird and now she's dealing with all these uncalled for and nasty comments after her boyfriend just took off. These people are acting like she has decapitated cat heads and dried dog turds stashed all over the house. Sometimes the internet can be so…ugh.

  4. Well you just have been lucky. It could also totally have been that you ended up as their bridesmaid.

  5. you're right, i think i will do that! i'm a little nervous for the possibility that she says one cannot be both, but i will ask and update once i do 🙂

  6. Time to cut your losses this guy is sunk cost. He tried to cheat and that should be your main consern. Also make sure that he does not have access to your acconts or anything of monitary value.

  7. For sure! I hear you. Yea! We’ve been together nearly 6 years and I can’t believe I am acting this way.

  8. This was my thought, too. Most addicts won't sober up until they've hit rock bottom. Thinking he's losing his marriage could be that for him.

  9. Can’t imagine why your family wouldn’t like him…..If this isn’t the universal sign for “Get the h**l away from him I don’t know what is!

    OP he DOESNT love you and I hope you’re at a police station getting a restraining order and an arrest warrant for threats to kill as I type this

  10. The whole best friend thing is a huge red flag. It was a setup 100% to try and break them up and take him. Not saying the fiancee doesn't deserve to be raked through the mud, but the best friend definitely planned the situation to make it as bad as possible.

  11. I wonder if she takes you losing weight as a personal attack. Since you mentioned that she is overweight as well, what if she thinks that you losing weight implies that extra weight is something to change, therefore she feels pressured to lose weight as well? I think it’s pretty clear that that’s not what you intended, but her insecurities might be blocking her from seeing that that’s not the case.

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