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Date: October 2, 2022

6 thoughts on “MISA-CHAN live webcams for YOU!

  1. Title to me says she's trying to avoid a fault divorce while establishing herself and creating enough space between the event and the big d to make it blow over

  2. He lied to you? That’s my issue with this. My boyfriend lied about another woman and now she is completely out of our lives.

  3. No, the open relationship stuff was a very small part of the conversation, and not what I was referring to as far as not getting on board with plans. I meant as far as being long-distance indefinitely, in retrospect there were actually quite a few times where he tried to talk about moving in together or at least finding a way to stay closer together and I found a reason to shut down the conversation about it.

    But as a small point of clarification, it wasn't the whole 14 years that he thought we were open. And it also wasn't actually multiple times a month, that was me guessing in response to someone asking but it turned out to be less than that when I did actually ask him the number.

  4. He doesn’t think you benefited? HA! But what he really means is that it wouldn’t be ok for him because he doesn’t want to touch another guy. So therefore it’s gross because he’s the only one who matters.

  5. “You're going to upset more than just him?”

    That's why you yourself aren't ready for the kind of relationship and strength that's required to walk away from anything that doesn't serve you.

    It's not about your dad and pls don't introduce guys to your family unless you know for sure you're compatible.

    You didn't ask your dad permission to date this guy and you certainly don't need his permission to end it.

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