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Date: September 29, 2022

11 thoughts on “ShawtyBaeGirl live webcams for YOU!

  1. I hope you find a partner who puts the same amount of effort into special days & holidays just as much as you?

  2. He's a dirt bag, you deserve so much more than he does. He isn't loyal, he doesn't care about his family. He just cares about his ego and trying to have fun like a 20 year old in his 40s. You don't need him. Just seperate and take your kids away from him. Your kids being around him is giving them a bad influence

  3. No, Clara does not pay for the groceries or any bills besides the cable bill and has been trying to get my mom to let her cancel it. My mom does not receive disability, I believe she has looked into it but she had some exception that disqualifies her. I am in the US in Minnesota. He absolutely is struggling with that. What hurts me the most is seeing my brother struggle. Today he was screaming and crying that he feels like dad has abandoned him for a better family. With his Asperger’s he needs routine and stability or else he very quickly reaches a breaking point. That is a major part of why my mom and dad have done so much to work together on keeping things okay.

  4. well…i mean…you get the picture of the bill…you just don't need to pay it…and she'll find a way to take care of the bill.

  5. Yes, OP has literally explained that they have opposite views on marriage. That is the very obvious problem here.

    It is very important to OP that they marry.

    It is very important to OPs partner that they do not marry.

    Im gonna end the convo here by not replying any further bc it feels asinine.

  6. Ah, I see you haven't read the book by Shirley Glass PhD, “NOT 'Just Friends' “.

    The vast majority of affairs occur simply because there was opportunity, even when neither party was looking.

    Let us look at this as if there wasn't a bf:

    I'm moving to a new city and a longtime friend is there. Should we share a flat? There's never been any sexual tension between us that I noticed…

    I bet half the responses would be about developing some sexual tension.

    Part of trusting your partner is thrusting that the partner will avoid compromising situations and back out quickly if one is discovered. This is a situation that provides the means and opportunity for an affair. All that is required is motive, and for an affair, that develops incrementally.

    In the book I mentioned above, you can't get 1/10th of the way through it without realizing that most people do not look for an affair and most affairs happen with a partner who was already happy. The unhappily married affair partner is actually rare.

    Will it happen? No one knows. It's like driving drunk. Odds are actually pretty good you make it home without a wreck. Think about it: guy gets arrested 5 times for DUI over 3 years, but he drove drunk every Friday… so, because you know a guy who never crashed, never got arrested, there's no reason someone should snatch keys?

  7. I think it's the latter?

    We don't talk regularly but he often calls me when he needed advice or just wanting to know how I'm doing. And our last convos were about how he feels trapped and pressured to get married. So when I saw his engagement post, I wasn't sure what to say? Of course I'm happy for them but I'm also a bit worried for them?

  8. So…which is it? You justify cheating on your wife because you barely communicate but since you’re cheating on your wife you can be present more and cater to her and the kids needs?

    Utter horseshit. You’re cheating on her because you want to. Miss Young Thang makes you feel virile and young again….which you aren’t. You’re 34, very close to MIDDLE AGE, you can’t satisfy your wife and honor your vows so you pretend you’re something special again. Shame on you. Grow a set and set your wife free so she can find a real partner. Then you can maybe get missy to be your bang maid and you’ll be free of needing to be present in your wife and kids lives.

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