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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. No – you have all the right to do what you want sexually.

    If he does not understand you need to get rid of him. If he tries to force the issue it is Sexual Assault and attempted rape.

    In short he is in the WRONG and you are in the RIGHT!

  2. I am so sorry that you are going through this. It must be incredibly difficult and painful to discover that your husband has cheated on you. It's natural to feel a wide range of emotions, including shock, anger, hurt, and betrayal. It's important to remember that you are not alone and that there are people who care about you and want to help you through this difficult time.

    It's okay to feel overwhelmed and not know what to do right now. Take some time to process your feelings and think about what you need in order to move forward. It's important to remember that you are not to blame for what your husband did, and you have the right to decide how you want to handle the situation. It's okay to be angry and to express your feelings, but try to avoid making any decisions that you might regret later.

    If you need someone to talk to, consider reaching out to a trusted friend, family member, or counselor. They can provide you with support and help you work through your feelings. Remember that it's okay to ask for help and to take care of yourself during this difficult time. You are strong and capable, and you will get through this.

  3. “I am not interested in small talk. I am going to block your number on my phone.”

    He knows how to get a hold of you if he really needs to (via friends or your family I’m guessing).

  4. You’re so evasive so it sounds like you definitely cheated and know for sure the kid isn’t your husband’s. Good luck with the divorce. You’ll need it.

  5. This has to be fake, I refuse to believe that someone could be this dense….

    He has warned your wife that you found the pics. They weren't for you, so who were they for? No surprise she isnt upset at the friend, gonna be hard to keep fucking him if you cut him out.

  6. When there's a disparity in income levels and you're in a long term committed relationship, it's often considered a good idea to pay shared expenses according to percentage of income. So if he makes $60,000 and and you make $20,000, then he'd pay 6/8 and you'd pay 2/8.

    The house is his. It's definitely reasonable for you to pay some amount of rent, but obviously not half of the mortgage. He had that expense before you even moved in, and unless he'd have to take on a roommate when you move out, he'll be paying it after you're gone.

    Appliances should be entirely his cost to bear, unless he plans on selling them and giving you part of the proceeds if you ever break up and/or move out of the house. Appliances are essentially part of the house, so he should generally speaking be paying for them, just like he'd pay for a plumber if the radiator needed to be repaired.

    Split shared expenses like utilities, internet, groceries, Netflix, etc. according to percentage of income.

    Some of your costs could be borne through labor, such as doing all laundry or cooking the meals, etc., but in an ideal world you'd be splitting household chores in a way that's fair to both of you. If one of you works more hours at a job than the other, then the other person could do more of the chores so that overall labor is split evenly.

  7. Well said, I just communicated to her that we need to talk about this and her reply is that I’ve been making her feel bad about money since date 3. I’m about over it to be honest.

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