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Date: September 23, 2022

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  1. Sounds like she's depressed and menopausal, instead of waiting for her to fill in the paperwork you'll need to do it and start getting her the help she needs

  2. Not even gonna try to defend him. I now see that beside his sweet and gentle personality, he's got nothing, no ambition and no boundaries. It just sucks to realize that we need so much more than love in an adult relationship.

  3. Dude, run. She used you. You shouldn't be buying a house that young when you don't want to let alone for someone you're not even married too.

    I feel so bad for you, but get our of if you can. Get your money. And run from this girl.

  4. Some people are extremely confrontational and need that in their lives. They will simply go out of their way to have or make some drama. There are some techniques for dealing with these kinds of people. The grey rock method is one way. Look it up and see if that fits for you.

    Other than that, I can't see any other way for you to deal with her. The other option is to take her up on her offer of divorce. Ask her how she would envision a divorce and custody. You have a life and you could live it much happier with less confrontation.

  5. It’s good to let people know that you are seeing other people early in the dating process so you’re both on the same page. But you don’t tell people when you’re seeing other people or about those other people. It’s enough to say that you’re busy or have other plans.

  6. Tf do you mean, “what can I do”?

    It's your Ex. You aren't together. You have less than zero say in who she does literally anything with.

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