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Date: September 30, 2022

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  1. That’s because the adults outside of home don’t reward her for aggressive behavior. If your girlfriend did the same she wouldn’t act that way at home either.

  2. Like i said i felt that things went smooth she seemed like the kind of person id like to spend time with, time flew by while talking

    i guess if the questions is friendship or relationship a friendship at first im not the kind of person that looks to just hook up apart from the 4 women that i mentioned ive only been with someone else and even she was someone i knew since we were both very young

    But its been 10m since i made thipost and im already feeling like a creep so im probably gonna delete this and move on

  3. Please work on your self respect, my friend. A self respecting person doesn't stay with a partner who cheats on them. You deserve love and happiness, and you deserve to be with a partner who doesn't cheat.

    It's going to be difficult, but you'll get through it. Focus on yourself, your interests and hobbies, your friends and family. It's okay to grieve this relationship, but for your own sake, the relationship has to come to an end.

    Good luck OP.

  4. I would be heartbroken if my (now) husband had approached me at the 5-year mark to say he thought I could potentially be abusive. I'm sorry OP. It's up to you if you want to continue the relationship, but I don't think anyone could fault you for being done.

  5. I don’t understand your hesitation. File for divorce. Get away from him. Close the credit cards he has. You know you’re being used, and you seem not to mind enough to put a stop to it. Leave.

  6. I’ve been in this scenario. Choose the guy that treats you right. The one who puts you as a priority and respects you. Also make sure y’all have the same sex drive bc that’s important

  7. I dunno, mate.

    She's already unequivocally told you no, twice.

    If you need a third to be sure, I'm not going to tell you no, but you really need to be ready to walk away from this if it's anything other than “yes, let's give this a try starting right now.”

    I'd really recommend diversifying your time, efforts, and hobbies away from her in the meantime so that you are in a better position to accept the answer, whatever it is.

  8. Well, it's at that level now. Get a grip on things, go to the police, get restraining orders for you and your entire family. Get out of there. He's made the threat now- and he'll start making that threat repeatedly for whatever other things he wants.

  9. Dog you are the most insecure person after reading more.

    Stop fucking worrying about her and her past etc.

    Be happy with your own body, and who is in your life.

    If you need therapy do that, but holy shit, this insecurity is bad.

  10. if you really care for her perhaps consider couples therapy after she decides to talk to you. leave her for now and don't bother with it. if she's mature enough she won't try to gaslight you with “oh you didnt come to check up on me, you ignored me”

  11. You sound sexually incompatible. You will only grow to resent him with each encounter. You may lose interest in sex, or he may. The paranoia of possibly catching an STD or getting pregnant would be immeasurable. This is also a common thing men do to try and cheat without guilt. If you shut it down, he may cheat on you.

    There's so much pain that could come from this and you gain nothing.

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