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Date: October 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “Sara-funn live webcams for YOU!

  1. OP i hate to say this but you need to leave immediately the simple fact that you don't see this as a red flag is highly dangerous to your health can't you see he's grooming you desensitizing you so you'll be more open minded and willing to more disgusting and vile acts he starts you off with small things but he'll keep pushing until you're doing things you never dream, you'd do in a million years.

    OP block him and go NC and really contemplate on the fact that you thought it was alright to keep seeing a man who wanted to introduce you to bestiality and i have a feeling the licking was just the beginning of what he had in mind

  2. I really enjoy giving head but in the 26 yrs I’ve been married my husband has never asked me to do something I have told him I don’t want to do. Before I go down on him he asks me where I want him to cum, essentially seeking permission to cum in my mouth. You deserve better than this dude. Trust me there are a lot of good guys out there.

  3. Through the first half of this post, I honestly planned on pointing out where there was fault on both sides just to help you understand certain things that need to happen in any given situation if you decide to stay in a relationship.

    Unfortunately, that all became irrelevant. Obviously he’s a scumbag for cheating. But that’s almost a non-issue with everything else. He continued to disrespect you with other women. On that note, did he ever make any effort to earn your trust back?

    Regardless, you then literally tell us that he raped you, multiple times (I’m so sorry). Fuck him. I honestly advise that you report that to the authorities. But whether that happens or not, stop giving a flying fuck about his feelings.

    Let’s just keep things simple to drive the point home. He cheated on you, inappropriately talked to other women, talked down to you, and sexually assaulted you. Thankfully it finally ended and now he’s here telling you you’re an awful person. He’s a sociopath. Run and never look back. Cut all contact.

  4. Virginity can be defined in many ways. I think it’s when you penetrate a women and that foreplay doesn’t count.

  5. Get him to admit it via text.

    I.e. “Why do you want to kill me and my family if I refuse to marry you? That's really scaring me. It's abusive and I'm scared of you now…” Etcetera

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